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Bang Energy Is a 2021 Silver Shovel Award Winner

The City of Douglasville Rewards Bang Energy With One of Georgia’s Top Business Awards–The Silver Shovel

2020 was a year we’ll never forget. An economic crisis shook up the landscape of business across the globe. Many companies entered the year with new success strategies, but as the economy fell, so did expansion plans and growth aspirations. Despite the ongoing issues in the world, a select group of businesses still managed to forge economic progress.  

As the leading publication for site selection and facility planning, Area Development Magazine recognizes the resilient leaders who go above and beyond to create opportunities in their community. Among that group is Bang Energy/Vital Pharmaceuticals (VPX), a sports nutrition and energy drink juggernaut that created new jobs through a successful economic development project.   

 Just outside of Douglasville, Georgia, our brand-new production center in Lithia Springs creates new jobs for people in various career fields. This state-of-the-art, 644,000-square-foot facility gives 600 new employees an opportunity to lead essential roles in our operation. See how this recent initiative helped lead our team to the prestigious Silver Shovel Award.    

About the Silver Shovel Award 

The Gold and Silver Shovel Awards recognize community development projects across all 50 states. Established in 2005, these awards represent a symbolic achievement for groundbreaking developments within select regions.    

Every year, Area Development welcomes each state to submit information about a top-10 job creation and investment project. Only projects that materialized in 2020 were considered for this year’s coveted honors. 20 states earned awards based on achieved success in employment opportunity and capital investment.   

Gold Shovels were awarded to eight states, including groups in Alabama, Indiana, and Michigan for outstanding manufacturing achievements. Other recipients include organizations in Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Utah, and Kansas, while the remaining 12 states earned Silver Shovel honors.  

Awards were determined by weighted scores based on the following criteria:  

  •  The number of high-value-added jobs per capita  
  • Amount of the capital investment  
  • Number of new facilities  
  • Industry diversity  

A Lasting Impact

To put it simply, Shovel states embody what the American dream is all about. Last year, the media feasted on negative press with stories focused on job loss. While these economic challenges took control of the headlines, other organizations took it into their own hands to change the narrative.   

2020 was a downer year for employees and business owners. Economic damages forced millions out of work, but the Shovel Awards help restore hope for a better tomorrow. Today, major developments are propelling communities into a better situation, as top projects manifest new opportunities to help people get back on their feet.   

As we look ahead to a prosperous future, it’s encouraging to think about the upcoming possibilities. With the ground that companies have started to break, expect to see a trend of economic improvements for years to come.   

Bang Energy’s Project of the Year

On Monday, Sept. 20, the mayor of Douglasville, Rochelle Robinson, presented Bang Energy CEO Jack Owoc with the Silver Shovel. This award signifies Bang’s contribution as the non-manufacturing project of the year in the state of Georgia.   

Today, Bang sets the standard in production and distribution with its brand-new, world-class fulfillment center based in Lithia Springs, Georgia. The impressive, 644,000-square-foot facility features a state-of-the-art filling line system that fills 1,800 cans per minute, while prepping 4,000 more with paint at that same time. Other notable amenities include top-of-the-line lab equipment, modern office spaces, and comfortable break room communities.   

By investing $145 million in this project, Bang is poised to drive economic excellence into Douglasville with 600 exciting jobs. Employment opportunities include roles in the following categories:   

  •  Administrative  
  • Manufacturing  
  • Maintenance   
  • Distribution  
  • Marketing  
  • Technical  
  • Finance
  • IT  

The Bang Revolution®

The sky’s the limit for the people of Bang Energy and VPX. As the industry’s sharpest professionals, we push the envelope to become bigger, bolder, and more brilliant every day. And don’t expect us to slow down any time soon.   

We’re at the forefront of innovation with authentic solutions that fuel the mind, body, and soul. Unlike competitors, our products are more than just another sugar-coated source of caffeine. Whether it’s one of our original beverages, an energy shot, or a dynamic nutritional supplement, you can count on our team to bring the bang. We employ the right staff, create perfect formulas, and deliver an experience that makes the difference you’re looking for.   

 For more Bang Energy news, check out our blog and explore our product gallery for exciting deals and promotions. 

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