A Year in Review – Bangin’ 2020

Fueled by the pulse of the crowd, the rush, the lights, and the raw excitement, Bang Energy is in-your-face energy. We live for the roar of an audience and the exhilaration of a packed event. So what happens when a sudden and swift pandemic sweeps across our world and takes with it our ability to interact with fans and put on a show? What do you do when you once thrived off a hyped crowd and are now forced to stay behind closed doors? Make. A. Way.

December 31, 2019 was filled with promise and starry-eyed daydreams of the many exciting plans coming our way in 2020. This would be OUR year. We never anticipated a nationwide shut down, the cancellation of nearly all of our intricately planned events, and the inability to reach our fans. But it happened. And here we are.

Like the unrelenting industry leaders that we are, we made a way. We brainstormed, we thought leaps and bounds outside of the box, and we put our famous Bang Energy creativity to the test. In the end, 2020 turned out to be an amazing year – but not without plenty of ingenuity and even more drive than we’ve ever had before.

Let’s Get Digital

Pre-Corona Bang Energy was at every live music event, tradeshow, party, festival, sports competition, and beyond. There wasn’t a head that didn’t have a Bang Energy hat or a hand that didn’t have a can at any local event. When that all came to a screeching halt, we had to think of ways to keep our energy flowing to the fans while abiding by new regulations. And so began digital events.

“We decided to focus on broadcasting live events, presentations to vendors and partners, in-field marketing, and other small activations,” explains Nila Azuero, Marketing Events Team Lead. We poured our same energy into a computer screen. We streamed live events online, invited fans to watch parties, and held digital events. Quarantine actually helped us reach a larger, more world-wide audience from our digital devices. Expanding online helped us reach 1 million TikTok followers and 2 million Instagram followers. “It definitely is what helped us expand into different things that we wouldn’t typically do. We have all learned new things and continue to learn and expand our knowledge as much as possible.”

Fueled Up and Ready to Go

Everyone knows that our Bang Energy Fuel Teams rule the streets. They’re found at all events or sweeping the streets to get energy in your hands. They bring the party and keep it going in every city they’re at. But when events are cancelled and the streets are empty, we shifted our focus and set our sights on the frontline.

Frontline workers were the ultimate heroes of 2020. When the party stopped, we decided to show our support in the best way we know how, energizing our audience! “Our attention immediately shifted to frontline workers (Healthcare, Fire, Police, and Military) with some of our largest donations going to the Healthcare Industry,” says Christine King, Field Marketing Manager. Fuel team members made countless appearances at area hospitals, fire stations, and other community centers to deliver the fuel to keep our heroes going.

Outside of frontline donation events, the Fuel Team participated in many notable events throughout the year. We amped up our blitzing by putting on three this year spanning from Florida to Texas, participated in outdoor events including Tampa Florida’s Gasparilla, The Fort Lauderdale Air Show and a Phoenix-based polo match, and reignited our involvement with the Florida Panthers and the NHL. Overall, we did everything we could to keep the ball rolling.

The Future Looks Bangin’

In this past year, we’ve reached some of our highest milestones to date. We surpassed expectations in our social media reach, we conducted many successful events despite a world-wide shut down, launched many deliciously new flavors, opened new facilities in both Georgia and in Florida, and became South Florida’s Fastest Growing company. In trying times, we put our heads down and forged forward and have a successful year to show for it. Coming into 2021 we will continue our forward motion by expanding into new markets, creating hundreds of new jobs, and adding to our already large lineup of products. The Bang Revolution is in full effect so bring it on 2021, we’re ready!

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