Bang Apparel to Get You Off the Couch and ON THE MOVE!

They say you should always dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Here at Bang, we think you should dress for the workout you want, not the one you’re currently confined to.

Yes, the Corona Virus has turned our world upside down. And yes, our gyms are closed leaving us with no other resort but to workout at home in our living rooms. While this may not be the best way to get your burn on, it’s better than nothing! So after you check out our best at-home workouts and write your next routine, we suggest adding one very important detail to your plan – your apparel!

Although it can feel like pajamas and fluffy slippers are all the rage right now, getting into some workout gear will get your mind in the right place to get you movin’! We’ve done all the leg work for you and pulled our favorite, trendy pieces to get you ready to sweat – even if it’s next to your kitchen table. Let’s check out our Bang apparel picks for your at-home workouts.

A matching set for the win

One of our most popular flavors in the can and on our clothing pieces is the Bang Rainbow Unicorn Fitness Collection – Women’s Cropped Top and Shorts. Bright, beautiful pink pairs perfectly with our soft blue for a look that says, “I’m ready to light up this workout!” This particular set features a cool, airy crop top and comfortable yet functional shorts. You get plenty of space to breathe yet it keeps your body working from warm up to cool down.

Leggings for all legs

Your fitness collection wouldn’t be complete without every girls’ favorite – a trusty pair of leggings. Solid, snug, and compact, leggings hold everything in while you let it all out on the floor. They combine seamlessly with a crop top, sports bra, t-shirt, or hoodie. Bang apparel features many different styles and shades but one of our favorite pairs are the Blaze Full Length Women’s Bang Leggings – Gray Camo. A neutral gray matches any color for a complete look instantly.

Matching sets for our fellas

Girls aren’t the only ones that can bring the style to their sweat session. We’ve got plenty of great pieces for our guys too! One of our most asked-about sets is one that looks hot on every guy and every body type. Our Bang Revolution World Tour Camo Hoodie and Sweatpants were made exclusively for our ambassadors and world tour events. This set is masculine yet soft and plush. Sweat it out and torch those calories while looking totally Bang approved.

Shorts for every guy

Shorts are to guys what leggings are to girls – absolutely necessary! For every squat, slam, and sit-up, our Camo Fighter Men’s Bang board shorts are the way to go. Comfortable enough for the couch but made to withstand the bench, these shorts are snug in all the right places while supporting each movement. Made in primarily grey and black colors, they feature a small pop of flavor with each different design. A must-have for every man.

So whether you’re pumping iron at the gym or lifting water jugs at home waiting for gyms to reopen, we’ve got the styles you need to get you feeling ready to burn. Check out all of our Bang apparel today! Let’s get movin’ Bangsters!

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