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Bang Birthday Celebration: 9 Bangin’ Years!

Our Story. Your Celebration. Happy Birthday, Bang Energy®!

Humble beginnings call for a higher purpose. That’s the Bang Energy® story.  

While other budding success stories may have started as well-crafted memos prophetically read to a room of onlookers, Bang Energy’s roots were much less glamorous. Perhaps that’s what makes this company’s success that much sweeter.  

The Start of Something New 

Relentlessly fueled by an unwavering vision and determination, Bang® CEO and CSO, Jack Owoc began his pursuit of building a company that did one thing – help others by delivering the highest quality nutritional supplements on the market.  

VPX® Sports, Bang Energy’s umbrella company, started as a small storefront where Owoc sold his scientifically formulated protein powders and sports performance supplements. At night, he slept on a rather uncomfortable air mattress set up in the back room of that same shop. Talk about going all-in…  

As consumers continued to choke down the same bland “energy drink” concoctions denoting images of mythical creatures and wild animals, there lacked the presence of fun, colorful, positive energy. There was a void in the market that called for a necessary change to bring down the heavy hitters. A Bang was coming…  

Bringin’ the BANG 

Alongside a slew of VPX products, Owoc landed on what is known as Bang Energy®. After rigorous research and development, he launched a single product that changed the entire landscape of the energy market.   

Bang Energy CEO and owner, Jack Owoc holding an award for energy supplement and sports nutrition company

Bursting with dance moves, good times, and big flavors, Bang Energy splashed onto the scene with a refreshing new take on energy. Introducing consumers to a world outside of their flavor norms and expanding their horizons with incredible energy, this single product transformed the energy drink game for good.  

Starting with just three flavors (Lemon Drop, Power Punch, and Champagne) the groundwork was set for a flavor revolution — the Bang Revolution®! 

Standing Strong

“Our success is the result of relentless discipline, effort, sacrifice, and study!”

Jack Owoc, Bang CEO  

How does one company go from undiscovered to loudly revolutionary, though? Led by Owoc’s fearless pursuit of “innovation that exceeds expectation,” a staff consisting of hardworking, passionate, and driven individuals was created, and it has played a major role in that shift.  

“I honestly believe we have the most passionate employees in the world and without them, and our loyal customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Bang staff Marketing Manager, Daisy Grunewald

The days of one-man operations are long gone as the well-oiled, Bang Energy machine is now a massive corporation consisting of thousands of employees nationwide. With offices at three different locations in South Florida along with dancers, Bang Fuel Team members, and social media influencers around the world, labeling our company merely as a “growth” story would be a dramatic understatement. 

Male and female Bang Fuel Team members posing in front of a Jeep SUV while promoting energy drinks

Today, Bang Energy is a $1.2 billion energy brand with 38 flavors and counting. In 2019, Bang was the fastest-growing energy beverage in the country and had a 62% contribution to the growth of the entire energy category. 2020 saw 1.7 million cans sampled by the Bang Energy® Fuel Team and 2021 is on course to hit 2.5 million. With every projection aiming for the stars, it’s safe to say this is just the beginning.  

The Future is BANGIN’

With growth, sales, and innovation expanding in various directions, the future of Bang Energy looks bright on many fronts. One of the most progressive departments, the Bang Energy® Fuel Team has seen exponential development in recent years.  

“For the Field Marketing Department, we have always maintained a dedicated effort to grassroots marketing. In a world where digital media has become increasingly prevalent, we believe those face-to-face interactions with consumers are vitally important,” says Christine King, Field Marketing Manager.  

“Bang Energy’s refusal to slow down or scale back during the pandemic really motivated us all that we have to continue business as usual. We have only scratched the surface of our capacities as a department,” she explains.  

With teams in 11 cities — and four more in the works — 2021 will see much growth for this unstoppable department.  

Our allied brands are charting new territory as well.  Redline®, Meltdown®, VPX®, and Quash® have exciting new products brewing in categories outside of the energy market. Hydration, nutrition, and immunity products are on the drawing board with unique, yet scientific approaches being used to formulate products that meet many of the most common needs of consumers today. 

There seems to be no area the Bang Energy powerhouse hasn’t activated plans on. Tomorrow is a new day and we plan to conquer each one that comes our way. Stay tuned for BIGGER, BOLDER, AND MORE BADA$$ versions of everything, on every level, in every way.  

As we step into another year of greatness, we can’t do so without a BANGIN’ celebration. Party with us during October’s Bang Birthday Celebration. All month long, turn your party mode on with deals and discounts that’ll have you saving a bundle while energizing your world.  

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