Bang Energy Forms Historic North American Distributor Alliance With PepsiCo

Exclusive alliance with PepsiCo will fuel continued massive growth for bang® energy drink — already the fastest-growing beverage in the energy category

Weston, Florida, May 5, 2020 (GlobeNewswire) VPX Sports/Bang Energy, the manufacturer of BANG® energy drink, has joined forces with global food and beverage giant, PepsiCo (Nasdaq: PEP), in an exclusive North American distributor agreement.

The BANG® brand was introduced into the beverage market in 2012 and has quickly become the leading energy drink in the U.S. in new sales growth and the third-largest brand in the energy category. BANG® energy products are innovative, great-tasting 16-ounce carbonated beverages formulated with zero sugars and zero calories combined with patented water-stable Super Creatine®, Essential Amino Acids (EAA Aminos), and COQ10.

The alliance with PepsiCo is one of the largest deals in beverage distribution history and will significantly accelerate the distribution of BANG® to meet rising consumer demand. BANG® currently is carried in more than 200,000 outlets in the U.S., is sold online, and is the #1 selling beverage of all time in the world’s largest health food retailers, as well as the #1 selling beverage in the world’s largest sports nutrition distributor. With this PepsiCo alliance, consumers will have instant access to BANG® energy drinks in approximately 367,000 retail outlets!

VPX/Bang Energy CEO, Jack Owoc, continues to expand operations and create cutting-edge, science-backed products that consistently exceed consumer expectations.

“The combined power of our two organizations will be a meteoric partnership — one for the history books.  And, we’ve only just begun!  BANG® is just the very small tip of a massive iceberg that will soon reveal itself in its full splendor. The stage has been set. We are rapidly emerging as the world’s largest functional food and beverage company,” says Owoc.

Bang CEO & CSO Jack Owoc

Jack Owoc’s latest innovations include a mind-blowing 36 new SKUs, none of which are named BANG®! For example, STOKED®, Redline NOO-FUSION™, and NOO-FUZION™ will be the newest carbonated products launched in the hemp category, smart energy category and pre-workout category, respectively.

STOKED® contains a broad-spectrum extract of naturally occurring hemp-derived phytocannabinoids. Redline NOO-FUSION™ is a more robust, carbonated successor of VPX Sport’s best-selling Redline Extreme. And NOO-FUZION™ is an explosive, next-generation pre-workout, containing a staggering 10,050 mg of active ingredients and a 7,000 mg full-spectrum blend of Essential Amino Acids (EAA Aminos), including Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA Aminos) combined with 2,500 mg of Betaine.

NOO-FUZION™ is further enhanced with NOO-FUEL™ — what Owoc refers to as COGNITIVE CANDY™ — providing the ultimate mind and body experience.

“To put this in perspective, in just a few months, we are unleashing more innovation than our closest competitors have since they were founded more than 33 years ago!” Owoc notes.

About VPX Sports/Bang Energy

Jack Owoc is the CEO, chief scientific officer, and founder of VPX Sports/Bang Energy and its extensive portfolio of allied brands.  Bang Energy was founded in 1993 with one goal in mind: to produce the highest grade, university-proven sports supplements and performance beverages in the world. 

Bang Energy has funded over 28 landmark, human-subject studies on its products, including BANG® energy drink, at UCLA, the University of South Alabama, Florida State University, Baylor, the University of Southern Maine, Memphis University, College of New Jersey, FIU, and other top universities in the country.  Jack Owoc and this team continue to update and release new nutrition products, proudly maintaining his distinction as the “Frontrunner in Sports Nutrition.” 

For more information and daily trendsetting updates, workout tips, and supplement research, stay connected by following Jack Owoc on Instagram, @BangEnergy.CEO, visit Bang Energy’s website,, and follow Bang Energy on Instagram, @BangEnergy.

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