Bang® Energy Releases New, Next-Generation Pre-Workout RTD: Noo Fuzion™

Noo Fuzion™ contains staggering 10,050 mg of active ingredients

Weston, FL (June 10, 2020): The makers of the legendary BANG ENERGY™ beverages and trend-setting innovators of the modern-day performance beverage category present NOO FUZION™ – an explosive next-generation ready-to-drink (RTD) pre-workout beverage!  NOO FUZION™utilizes a novel scientific approach designed to promote lean muscle growth, energy, focus, recovery, and performance.

Fueled by a staggering 10,050 mg of active ingredients, NOO FUZIONis an ultra-potent, high-performance innovation that harnesses the science behind both mental and physical performance enhancement.

Most pre-workout RTDs contain insignificant amounts of “old school” BCAAs. NOO FUZION™istheultimate carbonated pre-workout RTD that incorporates a large payload of superior Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. NOO FUZION™contains a full spectrum 7,000 mg blend of EAAs,including BCAAs, combined with 2,500 mg of Betaine Anhydrous designed to maximize muscle protein synthesis before, during, and after a workout. 

Multi-billion-dollar competitors are scrambling to keep up with Bang Energy’s highly disruptive, paradigm-altering marketing strategies and trend-setting product development. The competitors’ research, development and marketing are ‘reactive’ and contingent directly upon what Bang Energy does next.

Control is the goal and cutting-edge nutrition is the vision. It’s as easy as fishing when ambition drives the mission.

It’s this entrepreneurial mindset and complete control of our destiny that allows us to make quick unilateral and unencumbered decisions that facilitate domination in the marketplace. Conversely, larger competitive organizations are crippled by bureaucratic limitations when they try to make these same types of decisions. Their misfortune has become our fortune.

–Jack Owoc, Bang Energy CEO and CSO

NOO FUZION™is further enhanced with NOO FUEL™. Jack Owoc refers to this as the COGNITIVE CANDY™ that provides the ultimate mind and body experience. NOO FUZION™ is the next generation of pre-workout RTD energy drinks designed to enhance energy and focus while building lean muscle mass. There are many carbonated energy drinks on the market, but none contain the massive payload of active ingredients and dosages of EAAs that NOO FUZIONcontains.

Jack and his world-renowned team have created many trend-setting, highly disruptive supplement and beverage innovations. These revolutionary breakthroughs have transformed muscle, appearance, and performance enhancement while also setting new standards of quality and scientific excellence. Having commissioned and funded an unprecedented 28 double-blind placebo-controlled gold standard university studies utilizing human test subjects to study his inventions, Jack Owoc is positioned as the world leader in performance-enhancing energy beverage innovation.     

Pre-Order NOO FUZION™ now at to be the first to try this new, revolutionary pre-workout!

About VPX Sports/Bang Energy

Jack Owoc is the CEO, chief scientific officer (CSO) and founder of VPX Sports/Bang Energy and its extensive portfolio of allied brands.  Bang Energy was founded in 1993 with one goal in mind:  to produce the highest grade, university-proven sports supplements and performance beverages in the world. Bang Energy has funded over 28 landmark, human-subject studies on its products, including BANG® energy drink, at UCLA, University of South Alabama, Florida State University, Baylor, University of Southern Maine, Memphis University, College of New Jersey, FIU, and other top universities in the country.  Jack Owoc and this team continue to update and release new nutrition products, proudly maintaining his distinction as the “Frontrunner in Sports Nutrition.”

For more information and daily trendsetting updates, workout tips, and supplement research, stay connected by following Jack Owoc on Instagram, @BangEnergy.CEO, visit Bang Energy’s website,, and follow Bang Energy on Instagram, @BangEnergy.

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