Bangin’ Giveaways – What’s It All About?

No knocks on the door. No giant checks. 

We’ve always done things a little differently and our giveaways are no exception.

When we first hit the scene at trade shows and conventions, we made a splash with big fun, big energy, and prizes of all different sizes. The crowds loved it and we quickly became known for our tons of freebies. That’s where we were headed, and we haven’t looked back since. But enter 2020 and things are a little different now. Crowd giveaways are now virtual giveaways, but we still make it happen.

With each passing winner, the excitement builds and so do the rewards. But how did we get here? How did our giveaways evolve from stickers into sticker-wrapped Jeeps? 

That Time the Newbies Took Over

As a new player in the energy drink space, we were up against plenty of veterans. Veterans that had been around and created a niche for themselves within the market. But that space was quickly getting stale… until we showed up. 

With a burst of color and a blast of flavor, Bang Energy made its mark. We steadily built a following as we carved out a very unique segment for ourselves amongst much of what seemed to be the same drink in every can. Our boldness rocked the category, but our giveaways created a following. 

Have a Sip

In a market overflowing with options, advertising can only get you so far. Words can only scratch the surface of what savoring a Bang Energy drink feels like. We needed a way to create those experiences. So we did, one free can at a time.  

By creating giveaways, contests, freebies, sweepstakes, and so forth, we were able to give our consumers the experience that can only be described with a taste. One taste and it all made sense. From there, the rest was history. T-shirts and tumblers turned into cases and cars. Today we feature weekly, monthly, and special giveaways of all kinds. With over $1,500 worth of prizes awarded monthly, we’ve already dished out over $17,200 in prizes for 2020 alone. And it all started with a trade show and a sip. 

Not Your Average Giveaway

While on the outside it just looks like a big party (and it usually is), there’s a method to our giveaway madness. We are known far and wide for our exciting contests, thousands of participants, and anxious winners. We’ve flown Bangsters on jets, we’ve thrown house parties, and now we’ve even awarded a lucky individual with their own Bang Energy Jeep. That’s just how we do it around here!

In line with our brand, our contests usually require colorful creativity and participation. When others are sticking to “likes” and “tags”, we do our best to stand out amongst the crowd to show our consumers a good time, even when it’s free to them! We pour everything we are into everything we do. That means fun, positivity, and tons of energy goes into every giveaway! 

“Some of our giveaways aren’t just simple commenting and following. They can be anything from making your own music video to dressing up as your favorite Bang Energy flavor,” explains Christina Weronick, Social Media Team Lead. Giveaways are a way for us to differentiate ourselves from the other guys. Each one has our unique stamp on it. Participants get a glimpse of what we’re all about, and we get to learn more about our followers as well. 

It’s All About The Bangsters

In addition to leaving our mark in the sand, we take giveaways so seriously because they are one of the ways we connect with our loyal customers. We appreciate all the thought that goes into every entry. We love interacting and engaging with our Bangsters all over the world. They show us love, and we show it right back. There’s no better way to connect with our customers than by showing them how much we appreciate their support. 

The Secret to Winning

How can you get in on the prizes? Pay attention! While the other guys just sit on a pile of participants, we actually take the time to review each name. By signing up at, you could be our next winner. If you want to win, make sure all the info is there! Half completed entries get you just that – half-way there. If the rules include following an account on social media, follow it! Without all the proper info submitted, we don’t know who to send prizes to and without all the rules checked off, we can’t select you! If you info isn’t complete or you didn’t do it right, we have no choice but to skip over the initial winner and award the runner-up. Don’t let that be you!

The next time you see one of our weekly giveaways or the next BIG Bang Energy Sweepstakes, get in the fun. You never know, you could be our next big winner!

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  1. My fiance and I love the bang energy drinks our favorite of course is the new key lime pie. My personal fav flavor use to be the black cherry vanilla but the recipe was changed so i dont drink it anymore.

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