Beyond the Lens – Going Behind the Scenes with the Bang Energy Video Team

You click play. Bright colors and bold lighting grab hold of your attention. You’re amused – enough to stop scrolling. The catchy tunes and clever graphics linger on your mind. Within moments, click, click, click… your purchase is confirmed, and the seed of brand recognition is planted.

In today’s fast-paced, hyper-stimulated, screen-fixated society, content is still king. But now, the king’s younger, hipper, millennial-aged brother – video content – has taken over. What does this mean for marketing best practices? Basically, ya gotta keep up or shut up! At Bang Energy, we’ve not only kept up but powered by the abundance of creative genius of our Bang Energy Video Team, we’re crushing it.

As consumers continue to increasingly draw their entertainment, news, and now even education from social platforms, companies have to not only meet them where they frequent but also produce content that will hold their glance long enough to consider a purchase. The Bang Energy Video Team does this on a daily.

Humble beginnings

What once was a team of ONE, is now a part of a larger team of 70. Cassie Selby, Video Production Team Lead, worked as a one-man team before adding the now seven additional members. In those times, the entire marketing department had only seven individuals. Today, the department proudly stands at over 70 staff members, and the Video Team fuels a large amount of the activity throughout the various teams.

Feeding the social media machine

The push toward more video content on social media is felt far and wide amongst companies all over the world. Consumers demand live-action, engaging content. “There were around 3 shoots per week back in 2017 and now there are 10 to 12 shoots per week between in-house and freelance content,” explains Selby. “We also focus on in-house requests from our social media team which has really helped keep our team busy with creating content.”

With the rise of social media, video productions have changed. What was once storyboards and concepts is now influencers and online presence. “We continuously shoot content to have a constant social media presence on Instagram. Our in-house team works with all sorts of influencers including make-up artists, athletes, dancers, TikTokers, professional models, and more,” says Digital Content Coordinator, Natalia Carreño.

From grit comes glam

As the team continues to grow and adapt to the changing needs of our consumers, creativity flourishes. Live events are now virtual, contests are digital, and launch parties are streamed. Our team is there for them all.

Some of our biggest productions are our massive and highly-anticipated, flavor releases – none of which are ever a small feat. Initially, they were simple posts on our social media platforms. Today, with 20+ flavors and various recent product releases under our belt, each new flavor launch is a major project in and of itself. With lengthy video shoots, social media-fueled campaigns, and more teasers and graphics than we can count, new flavor launches have definitely risen in status. “We take weeks planning the production for an epic flavor launch. We have continuously gotten bigger and bolder after each new flavor launch,” says Carreño.

Even through a tumultuous year that lead to our offices switching to a work-from-home environment, we’ve still managed to produce content in epic proportions in 2020. “First big production was back in May for Radical Skadattle. Since then, we’ve produced two big productions, one for NOO-Fuzion™ and one for Key Lime Pie. In total, three major productions from January 2020 until now.”

The Bang Energy Video team brings our brand to life. With this amount of talent and skillsets housed in one team, the future is brighter than ever.

If you’re a star behind the lens, apply for one of our available Video Team positions. Go to for more information.

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