Bulking and Budgeting

Bulking on a budget. Wait, what?

The two concepts are rarely seen side by side. But it is possible with enough planning and a bit of creativity. We’ve got the best tips you can use to get those gains without leaning out your wallet. Let’s start the money-saving!

Set a budget

You most likely budget for your utilities, spending money, and savings so setting up a grocery budget shouldn’t be too much of a foreign idea. For starters, let’s set this week’s grocery budget to $50. If you can add a little extra, that’s great, but for this experiment, we’ll stick to $50. Next, have in mind what your priorities should be – we strongly suggest a focus on protein, carbs, and fat. This way you can hone-in on your top three necessities and not be distracted by the chocolate-covered anythings.

Plan ahead

With your budget in hand, it’s time to start planning a menu. Set out to purchase 3 meals a day and 2 smaller meals (or snacks) in between. Try to include a protein and veggie along with a complex carb into every meal. Map out each meal in a general sense so you don’t get tied down to any one product and force yourself to buy it even if it’s outside your budget. Eggs (or egg whites) for breakfast and a protein/veggie/carb combo for lunch and dinner. Consider your weekend plans as well – this is often where people forget and lose momentum on progress made during the week.

Go couponing

Coupons aren’t just for those extreme folks on TV! A quick glance in the Sunday paper or searching through your favorite grocery store’s app can prove to be quite beneficial and money-saving when you’re looking for a deal. The circular available at many store entrances can have exclusive in-store deals not advertised elsewhere so that’s always a great place to look as well. Many stores also offer a loyalty program with point systems that can lead to hidden money-saving opportunities. There’s money to be saved, you just have to spend some time looking for it!

Weighing your options

When thinking of protein and veggies, it’s easy to think that fresh is best and the pricier options must mean they are the better-for-you options. This isn’t necessarily true. Fresh beef, chicken, and salmon will devour your $50 budget immediately so it’s time to get creative. Frozen and canned options can go a long way when you’re trying to stick to a budget and bulk at the same time. The key is to look for frozen items that don’t contain any of the additives you avoid when you buy organic, grass-fed, free-range. In terms of canned goods, look for those that are lower in sodium as cans are notorious for their salt content. Solid fruit and veggie options can also be found frozen or canned. This one swap can free up tons of space on your budget.

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