yoga for weight loss

Can You Lose Weight Doing Yoga? YES!

Yoga is so much more than tree poses and heavy breathing. When practiced correctly, yoga can be a body, mind, and spirit development tool with many benefits – one such benefit can even include weight loss.  

Although it doesn’t involve the cardio and the excessive use of force like many other workout options, yoga can be used to achieve even the loftiest of weight loss goals. By really honing in on the foundation of awareness that yoga creates, you can tap into your potential and see lasting results. Let’s check out how this actually happens!


One of the main pillars of yoga is building better and more find-tuned mindfulness. That is, the increased awareness of ourselves, our minds, and our bodies as they relate to the environment around us. By increasing this awareness, it is believed that you can become more conscious of how food affects you. It can help curb impulse and binge eating as well as help you resist unhealthy foods and comfort eating. Being aware of how food effects your energy and abilities can help make better food choices.


An often-overlooked aspect of a successful weight loss program is the amount of sleep allocated into your schedule. Being able to fall quickly and soundly ensures a restful night and a bright morning. Your body regenerates and restores itself while you sleep so without proper sleep, you aren’t properly restored the next day. In essence, you’re walking around carrying yesterday’s load in addition to today’s. Quieting your mind and relaxing your thoughts can be learned through yoga and put into practice when it’s time to sleep.

Calorie Burning

While many believe that yoga only involves contorting your body and listening to your breathing, there are many forms that can torch calories and help prevent weight gain. Vinyasa and power yoga keep you moving throughout the class and are usually conducted in a hot studio, which leads to increase in energy burn. These also help tone muscles and improve your metabolism. Less intense forms of yoga can be used to target areas such as the abdominal with focused movements.

By including yoga into your fitness routine as a whole, you can get a well-rounded approach to toning, training, and conditioning your body to achieve optimal weight loss. Check out the exclusive Buy One Get One 50% Off sale going on now at for fitness accessories and supplemental nutrition that can help kickstart your yoga fitness journey today.

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