Dieting Done Right – It’s Really Not That Hard

Low carb, low fat, low sugar, keto, caveman, soup, cabbage, fasting, mindful, on and on and on and ON. The list of popular diets these days is enough to make anyone lose their cool and reach for the nearest doughnut! But it really doesn’t have to be that difficult. We’ll show you why.

Each one of these diets has good intentions – to help you lose weight, obviously. Many of them though, promise instant results, harsh restrictions, and unrealistic lifestyle choices. We’re human, we need to eat! We’re here to tell you that life should be ENJOYED! One of our biggest pleasures is eating, so DO IT! The trick is to be choosey about WHAT you eat so that diets are less painful. Here are three tips on what to choose and how to go about dieting.

Cut the [email protected]

It’s no secret that sugary, artificial, and overly processed foods do nothing but give you two seconds of fun and a lifetime of regret. Cookies, cakes, candy, chips, muffins, fries, and anything received through a window or purchased at a convenience store is probably not your best choice to reach for when the growls begin. By cutting out anything wrapped in plastic and covered in icing, you’re already on your way to making better decisions. Flours, sugars, and simple carbs don’t satisfy your hunger and only trigger your body to want more – so do yourself a favor and just avoid them.

Protein, BRO

We’ve all made fun of them. The dudes with the shakers and the powders… But really, they’re actually on to something. Protein does wonders for your body. It’s the building blocks for muscles and it’s the nutrient that keeps you fuller, longer. A piece of protein-packed chicken will keep your stomach satisfied for way longer than a bag of chips will because protein is harder for your body to process so it stays in your system longer as it does its job of feeding your muscles. The best part is that protein isn’t just a giant slab of bloody meat on your plate. Many legumes have tons of protein in them too for an awesome vegan option. The powders and shakers are a great way to get your fix on-the-go as well. So instead of making fun, ask them their favorite flavor protein, BRO!

Make it colorful

Ever seen those perfectly pictured plates with bright and beautiful veggies sitting atop a pile of brilliantly placed greens with just the right amount of dressing to create what looks like art on a dish? You too can create those! Don’t know which veggies to go for? It’s simple! Go for the color! Usually, the brighter colors and the deeper greens pack the MOST punch when it comes to nutrients. Yellows, reds, and greens like those of peppers and dark purples like those of eggplant are perfect choices when deciding on your veggies. Bland or translucent colors like that of iceberg lettuce carry little nutrients and are mostly water. So make it pretty!

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