Effective Training Tips and Tricks for the ToolBag In You

You’ve paid the gym membership, you’ve guzzled down your Bang Energy Master Blast Rainbow Unicorn preworkout, and you’ve even got yourself some killer gym apparel on… NOW WHAT?!

Training is more than shirtless selfies and throwing around a couple of dumbbells. From the mental to the physical, there are many aspects of training that come together to create a successful outcome. We’ll share some tips from the pros to get you going in the right direction! Get those selfies ready because you’re about to GET FIT!

Set Goals

Many people begin their fitness journey with a vague, fluffy idea of “I wanna get in shape.” That’s great and all, but the moment a slice of pizza walks by, you’re going to forget about that goal because it wasn’t ironed out and imprinted in your brain. Make your goals specific. Have tangible aspects of your goals that you can hold on to when things feel shaky. Have something to work towards, not just a lofty idea.

Commit to Commitment

Day 1 is full of excitement and energy, but what is day 34 going to feel like when you’ve lost your drive and are ready to throw in the sweaty towel? If you absolutely and wholeheartedly commit to following through on your plans and reaching your goals, nothing can stop you. Make that promise to yourself, to your family, to your life, or to whoever and stick with it. Be consistent, persistent, and determined. Go all-in with your commitment.

Create a Plan

Having an outlined plan can help you stay on track and give you much-needed direction on the days when your head is spinning from the outside world. First, take a good look at your schedule and honestly ask yourself how many days a week you can commit to. Once you have your time available, build a routine. Work upper body, lower body, and full body on different days with at least a day in between for rest for each section. Make it as detailed as possible so you give yourself little room to wander off the program.

Pace Yourself

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it 100 more times – there’s no magic pill and no overnight results! It’s not going to happen, LET THE IDEA GO. What DOES work is consistent hard work. Don’t expect the six-pack to be there on day two and don’t beat yourself up when you don’t see it. Diligent, focused work over time gives you the best, most long-lasting results. Results you can be proud of because they remind you of the effort you poured into them. Aim to be proud, not impatient.

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