Fueling The Streets – Our Back-To-Basics Marketing Style

They travel around town in a convoy of brightly colored Jeeps packed with enough pep to fill a case or two of Bang Energy. Their smiles are contagious and their energy is palpable. If you haven’t seen the Bang Energy Fuel Team, that rock you live under must be getting pretty heavy.

Our sneakers on the streets, our voice to the people, our brand personified. The Fuel Team is one of many moving parts within the Bang Energy machine. As a unique facet of our marketing matrix, this one team goes beyond traditional promotional efforts.

Fuel Team Basics – What do they do?

Sure, social media, videos, and images are essential to publicizing our products, but we can’t deny the effectiveness of personalized, one-on-one interaction. With trunks full of product, The Fuel Team hits the streets to get “cans in hands” as they say. Their main objective is to get YOU to sample our products. And no, not tiny paper cups, our samples include the entire 16-ounce can. We don’t play around.

There’s nothing like a free sample to get a potential customer excited. But after the initial sip of great flavor wears off, they have questions – LOTS of questions. This is where the Bang Energy Fuel Team shines. As a consumer’s direct link to the brand, each member acts as a product expert. With the scientific research, expertly crafted formulas, and a laundry list of benefits found in each drink, there’s plenty to be said and even more to be explained. Fuel Team members are the liaison between the person on the street looking for a pick-me-up and the advantages of consuming Bang Energy.

The Makings of a Fuel Team Member

Aside from our eclectic colors and unique naming conventions, The Fuel Team is a potential customer’s defining interaction with the brand. Having the complete package not only bodes well for entertainment purposes, it also supports our positive, fun-loving brand. To show what we’re really about, our teams are meticulously selected to be way more than your typical spokesmodels.

The Bang Energy Fuel Team consists of high-energy, brand-focused men and women who aim to effectively connect with consumers while upholding the ideals of our brand. “We look for someone with an outgoing personality, someone easy to talk to that loves meeting new people, and a person that truly embodies the brand in their energy and positivity,” explains Tiffany Hallich, Field Marketing Specialist Team Lead. “Fuel Team members must also know the brand. They have to be ready to speak on the product and communicate the benefits to a customer at a moment’s notice. They reach our audience on a whole other level with more interaction and personal attention. They have to be ON POINT at all times!”

While each team member’s experience is different, the common consensus is that it’s a position like none other. “It’s been nothing but amazing. I’ve seen so many different parts of Florida that I would have never seen if I wasn’t on the Fuel Team. I’ve met a lot of different people that weren’t only into fitness but I’ve met people who had a passion for different creative lifestyles and we all shared one thing in common – we love Bang Energy,” Joseph Augustin, Weston Fuel Team member.

Sampling Cans, Creating Connections

Smiling faces and vehicle wraps don’t mean much unless there are numbers to back their efforts.

As one of the most important aspects of Fuel Team work, sampling is a figure to note. The sheer number of cans sampled is staggering. Combining eight markets where Fuel Teams operate, 2,220,286 cans were dispersed across 1,218 events from August 2019 to September 2020. From guerilla sampling to donations and sales support, this is 1,218 opportunities where thousands of consumers came in contact with our brand. Each one of those 2,220,286 cans represents a connection made, potential for purchase, and a seed of brand loyalty planted.

With new markets on the horizon and hiring at a full go, The Bang Energy Fuel Team has only just begun to get moving. Now that you know the inside scoop on our outdoor teams, next time you see us on your street, don’t be shy, say hi!  

Do you think you’re up for the challenge of joining our BANGIN’ Fuel Team? Apply today and you could be the next new member of the crew!

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