Gains On Gains On Gains – Boosting your Muscle Strength

Are you as strong as you could possibly be? Have you reached your max and are done improving? That should definitely be a hard no.

Everyone is always looking for a way to boost their strength and up their game. From the bulging bodybuilders to the beginners, we all want more, we want to be more, and we want to get more – gains that is!

Here are some of our best tips on how you too can take on Mr Universe and become the world’s stronger man/woman… or something close to that.

Check your technique

Oftentimes, we see mirrors as our greatest selfie tool. Once you’re done snapping that pic, you can actually use the mirrors in your gym productively. Read up on what proper form should look and feel like. Next time you’re starting a set, take a closer look and every muscle and limb that goes into the lift. Examine every movement and make sure you’re form is clean and safe.

Turn up the volume

The intensity and volume of reps go hand in hand. The more intensity you put in each push the higher the volume of reps you can produce. By adding more volume to each set, you’re forcing your body to increase the intensity behind every push. This will cause your muscles to adapt to the more strenuous pushes and create more gains. It’s also important to deload every so often, so keep that in mind.

Train with a strong buddy

Sure, it’s fun to train with a friend, but are you spending more time chit-chatting or are you pushing each other to new levels? Train with someone who can unlock your potential and amp up your abilities further than you could on your own. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and watch how you’ll feed off their energy to reach new goals.  

Highlight your weakness

You’re only as strong as your weakest muscle. If you ignore your shortcomings or areas that can use a little bit of polishing, they will ultimately begin to cause other, larger weaknesses. If one activity continues to cause problems, don’t just power through, find a better way. Work the surrounding muscles, break down the action to perform it step by step, or add in additional equipment such as bands or boards to help your progress. Always look for the solution.

Remember to recover

It’s easy to think that going hard is the only way to go. Every day, all day! Wrong. Your body needs time to rest and recover so it can reset and recharge. With everyday stress playing a large factor in how little recovering time we give ourselves, we are doing a disserve to our bodies but not resting enough in between sessions. Sleep, foam rolling, and light mobility work can work wonders to let your body ease back into it.

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