Get Pumped, Get Pyshched, Get Fit – Finding Your Motivation

No sustainable, long-term, successful physical gains made happened over a short period of time. Basically saying, there are no overnight success stories! Every muscle and every ounce of strength earned was done so over long periods of time with much effort put into each workout.

But as the weeks go by and turn into months, finding the motivation to continue down the path of much resistance can be harder than that actual lift itself. No worries! We’ve got just the trick, or tricks, you need to keep pushing, keep doing, keep makin’ it happen! Let’s do this!

Get a solid pre-workout

A pre-workout can mean the difference between a sluggish, half done workout, and one that goes down in the books as “the time that happened.” It’s important to choose one that isn’t just a caffeine bomb. The leading pre-workouts will give you better mental focus, stamina, and energy in one. We definitely recommend Bang Energy Master Blaster for your pre-workout needs.

Visual your gains

Once you’ve got your body right and that pre-workout is flowing, it’s important to get your mind going too. Take 10-15 and sit with yourself. Close your eyes and take control of your breathing. Visualize yourself feeling stronger, pushing harder, and going further. Feel the weights in your hands and your muscles easily gliding them through the air. Picture yourself accomplishing a workout you only dreamed you could do. Then open your eyes and get it done!

Partner up

A workout partner is a great way to not only motivate yourself but to keep you accountable. It’s easy to let one bad rep slide when no one’s looking, but when your partner is spotting and counting, there’s no escaping it. A partner can help you level up, push you to do more, and help you when you need it most. The right partner is a valuable asset.

Don’t forget your why

We all want to look good. That’s a given. But looks fade and a more rooted reason as to why we want to achieve our fitness goals will take you much further. A real reason. Something deeper. Maybe poor health and fitness run in your family or maybe serious medical conditions loom in your future if you don’t maintain yourself. Whatever your reason, make sure it’s something sustainable that’ll get you through the rough days and pull you through to the other side of a tough workout.

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