Get Ripped The RIGHT Way

We’d all love to wake up ripped, shredded, and with more muscles than we know what to do with. But let’s be real, that’s not actually going to happen. So if that’s your focus, let us gently derail you. It’s for your own good.

Chiseled abs and rock-hard pecs are definitely possible. Don’t ever let anyone (especially yourself) tell you that they’re not. With enough determination and the right plan, you can be the next Mr. Universe.

There’s no overnight way of getting it done, but there are ways to make the process less painful and more enjoyable. Get ready because we’re goin’ IN!

Track Your Food

You can’t outrun a bad diet. You can lift as heavy as you want and run as long as you can, but if you’re not right in the kitchen, your effort is for nothing. Start tracking your food so you can see the who, what, when, where, and how of your nutrition. Learn how different foods affect your body and how to mold your diet to work for you instead of you working toward a diet.

No Need To Starve

You think you’re cutting back on calories, but really you’re just neglecting your body. Food is your body’s fuel. When you don’t fuel up, your body goes into starvation mode. This affects everything from your liver’s glucose production to your energy and mood. Eat right. Eat sensibly. But EAT!

Drink More Water

Water hydrates your body and your muscles. When there isn’t enough water to go around, it can slow you down, make you feel tired, and even fool you into thinking you’re hungry. Hydrated muscles are stronger, have more stamina, and can power you through a more intense workout. Staying hydrated is key to getting in successful workouts that produce results.

Lift Heavy

Feeling comfortable and easily lifting or pushing weight does nothing for you. Every session should be a chance for you to challenge your body to do more – within reason, of course. Lifting heavier requires more effort, burns more calories, and helps define those newly formed muscles as they are continuously working to get every rep in.

Sleep Like a Baby

It’s easy to think that you can ward off tiredness with tons of caffeine. That’s not only wrong, its dangerous. Sleep is your body’s time to recharge, recover, and get you ready for the next day. If you deny your body this valuable time, you could run the risk of crashing due to a lack of energy. Give your body what it needs and it will produce the results you want. It’s that simple.

Getting the body you’ve only seen on TV is possible when you follow a safe and realistic routine. There’s no “faster” way of doing it, but if you follow our tips, you can get there and enjoy the ride. When you’re ready to begin, head over to and pick up all the essentials to get you going during our Buy One Get One 50% Off sale going on now.

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