Is it Effective to Workout at Home? YES!

With upper body, lower body, and full-body routines completely out the window these days, it can seem a little overwhelming to start a new schedule from scratch. But to keep the gain train going, these are the days we need to get creative! Luckily, a workout at home can easily be put together and can actually be just as effective as those we did in our pre-Corona Virus world.  

Whether you’re working out at home, in a park, or on a rooftop, the structure of your routine will take on one of two features – weighted or body-weighted. If you’re lucky enough to have dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, or any fitness equipment of the sort, then you can put together a weighted routine. If you’re like most of us just trying to get by during these uncertain times, chances are your fitness resources are scarce, so a bodyweight workout is more up your alley. No need to panic, both can produce a serious pump and a worthwhile burn that can easily rival your favorite fitness class at your former gym.  

Effective Home Training with Weights 

That old bench, squat rack, and iron barbell set are looking pretty appealing right about now so it’s time to dust off your home gym and get to work! 

Weight training is one of the most effective forms of movement to condition your muscles, torch calories, and get that after-burn that we crave. By adding resistance in a pull or pushing form, your body is activated and engaged in a way that allows new fibers to build stronger and bigger muscles with every rep.  

When pulling, your focus should be on pulling your weights up in the air or in toward your body. Biceps workout at home and back workout at home are some of the areas you can focus on when getting started in your pulling sets. 

Examples of pull-weighted exercises 

  • Upper body
    • Bicep curls 
    • Bent over dumbbell rows 
  • Lower Body
    • Deadlifts 
    • Goblet squats 

When pushing, your movements will involve pushing weights away from your body or away from the ground. The resistance is created as your movements cause the weight to be pushed against your motion. Lower body leg conditioning is especially highlighted in push sets.  

Examples of push-weighted exercises

  • Upper Body
    • Bench press 
    • Triceps extensions  
  • Lower Body
    • Squats 
    • Weighted lunges 

Any amount of weight can be beneficial when pulling or pushing. Increasing gradually and at your body’s comfortable rate is the key to increasing strength and muscle mass. Add Bang weightlifting wrist straps for comfort and safety when lifting heavy. 


Body Weight Training at Home 

Your at-home workout can be just as effective without the use of weights. Using your body weight and a hefty dose of energy can be more than enough for a good burn. Getting in a cardio workout at home and an ab workout at home can be great focal points when starting a body-weight routine. Many of the exercises you can use are a great mix of heart-racing cardio and body-weighted reps to target all your major muscle groups.   

Examples of body-weight focused exercises

  • Air squats 
  • Squat jumps 
  • Walking lunges 
  • Single/double leg bridges 
  • Planks 
  • Mountain climbers 
  • Bicycle crunches 
  • Pushup 
  • Sit-ups 
  • Leg lifts 

Using a combination of these exercises, you can target upper and lower body while challenging your heartrate to ultimately burn the most calories. Add resistance without weights by using Bang resistance bands to give your workout a little extra umph.bang-resistance-band colors

No gym? No Worries.  

Accomplishing a good sweat session doesn’t have to be contained to a gym or even your home. A brisk walk, steady jog, or bike ride can be a much-needed break in routine from our everyday lifting. Pack a water bottle, some snacks, and a towel in our versatile Bang cross body backpack and head out for some outdoor time – respecting local distance requirements, of course.  

In these tough times, it can be difficult to keep our fitness routines. By adding a touch of flexibility and throwing in some creativity, we can find new and exciting ways to get the job done. Stay safe Bangsters and GET MOVIN’! 


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