It’s the Bang Energy TikTok Takeover

If your app makes users go into immediate, succinctly choreographed dance moves at the mere mention of its name, you’ve done something right. Here in lies the magic of TikTok.

As a short-form video streaming and sharing app, TikTok has taken the social media world by storm with over 500 million monthly active users worldwide. While other platforms offer video sharing as one feature amongst a sea of others, TikTok put video creation front and center. It gave creators the tools and platform to make what was once just a flat image into a live action movie with music and graphic options.

Natural Born TikTokers

At Bang Energy we are fun, energetic, and constantly on-the-move so naturally, TikTok fits quite snuggly within our brand. As the app began to grow, we saw an opportunity to connect with our consumers. From there, a match made in social media heaven was made.

We jumped into the TikTok world as the app began to pick up steam in 2019. The interactive, creative, and entertaining appeal of the app delivered the content we were already creating up on a silver platter. From our dancers to our influencers, Bang Energy content was made for this app, and our fan’s immediate response made that very clear.

Today the Bang Energy TikTok account stands at over 1 million followers and #BangEnergy has been viewed 7.6 Billion times. Numbers don’t lie. 

A Bangster TikTok House

Once we got our footing, it was time to unleash our creative genius and roll out the videos like no one else! One of our first big productions for TikTok was at a Graffiti House. A multicolored, multifunctional house filled with everything from themed rooms to big-name influencers. Located in the uber trendy Wynwood area of South Florida, the idea of a house full of outrageous content creators and their creativity let loose brought in many popular local TikTok talent and all of their imaginations as well. Working off a rotating schedule and content stations built into the house, it was a content machine that cranked out social media gold.

Something for Everyone

The Bang Energy TikTok account is a constantly moving page filled with rich content creations from dancers, prankers, magicians, artists, comedians, cooks, and every other kind of engaging entertainment our influencers can muster up. Even our CEO, Jack Owoc, has a TikTok account that’s booming with entertainment! Our collaborative efforts with many top influencers have created a solid following amongst our fan base. “The Bang Energy TikTok page truly has the best mix of content on the platform, you will never get bored,” explains Social Media Coordinator, Allison Distler. “We have such a wide range of influencers from all over the world which is great because our content is seen across all interest groups.”

It’s About Community

Our content creators are top notch and you’ll find yourself re-watching plenty of videos wondering how did they do that, but at the heart of it, it’s deeper than that. Our biggest accomplishment is the community we’ve been able to build based on this platform. In between the smooth moves and the fancy footwork, we have created a connection with each and every follower. We honor members of our community, we celebrate each other, and we build each other up in a time where that can be scarce. “Our followers are a huge part of our success and we want to show them all of our achievements and celebrate with them to make them feel as included as possible,” says Distler. We are nothing without our fans and the content we create is how we say thank you for the never-ending support. To celebrate, we created a video for hitting 1 million followers! Check it out!

A TikToking Future

It’s safe to say we’ve only scratched the surface of our TikToking potential. We’ve reached our first goal of 1M followers, but that’s just the beginning. “We may have hit 1 Million, but we are not stopping here. Time to set a new goal of 2 Million!”, remarks Distler. Look out TikTok world, we’re just getting started.

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