Keeping Your Head in the Game – Quarantine Addition

We’re currently living in a time that only be described in one way – weird.

We’re confined to our homes as if a natural disaster struck nearby, but the lights are still on. We can’t eat inside of our favorite restaurants, but take-out is available from every kitchen.

We’re living in a time that most of us have never seen or will see again (hopefully). With so much uncertainty and so much unknown affecting everything from our jobs to our very way of life, it can feel like we’re losing control of the situation.

For many of us, our routine is outta whack and it’s messing up our whole sense of being! And you know what… it’s perfectly ok to feel that way. Let’s check out what you can do to keep your head above water during these odd times we’re in.  

More Productivity Isn’t Always the Answer

There are countless memes and quotes out there stressing the fact that we should all be burning the midnight oil with all this extra free time we’ve been given. What these don’t take into consideration is that without all the moving parts of our lives properly functioning, it can be difficult to fire on all cylinders.

A productive day nowadays can mean putting real clothes on and brushing your hair. And hey, if that makes you feel better about our current situation, then let that be your accomplishment of the day. Instead of a full workout, maybe just putting on a Bang resistance band and doing a few squats is enough. Maybe only putting some lip gloss on instead of a whole face full of makeup feels better. Whatever gets you through one more day safely, healthily, and soundly, is what you should focus on doing.

Schedule Some Structure Where You Can

The daily grind has come to a screeching halt. Our school, gym, office, routine is no longer. Now we must find ways to fill our time in between filling out work time logs and online schooling assignments.

With structure as we knew it out of the question, it can be very easy to get lost in the mundanity of every day. With no change in activity or even change in clothes, falling into an aimless slump of nothingness is possible. By creating a new schedule, you can ward off this trap. Wake up early, add in some physical activity, eat your meals at the right times, keep up with your protein intake with VPX Zero Carb SRO as a great option, and get to bed early.

Let Yourself Feel

There’s going to be days in this whole situation that will be harder than others. Some might feel like a vacation from the madness of our former life and others will make you miss the early morning squeeze into the subway. No matter if it’s a good day or a bad day, it’s important to let yourself feel whatever it is you’re feeling. Ignoring, suppressing, or avoiding your feeling will only magnify them in the long run. So for the days when you’re feeling on top of the world, crack open a Bang Energy and go for a run. When you’re feeling more laid back and pensive, sitting back with Caffeine-free Bang may feel better. Either way, remember to listen to your body and mind, embrace your feelings, and then do your best to move forward another day.

We’re in this together Bangsters!

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