Kickin’ It Up a Notch with Complex Movements

We’re quickly creeping up on week #457 in quarantine time. At first you were in shock, then shock turned to acceptance, and now you’re in crushing it mode.

You’ve got our home gym set up, your schedule is ironed out, and you even have a rotation of upper and lower body going. Even though your gym is next to the dining room table and doubles as a hat rack during the day, you’re on top of this whole “working out at home” thing.

Now that you’ve got a pretty firm grasp on what your fitness routine will look like for the foreseeable future, it’s time to turn it up a notch. Sure, squats are great and lunges are keeping your quads in check, but you’re ready for the next level – compound movements.

What are compound movements?

Your body is comprised of many muscles that when they come together, support your body, and keep you moving. Each muscle though needs special attention so that it can pull its weight when it’s time to work. But who’s got the time to work each and every muscle individually? Enter… the solution.

Compound movements allow you to work more than just one muscle at a time so that you can train smarter, in less time, and with more control. They also require more oxygen, so more blood needs to be pumped into them, making your body work harder, and ultimately burning more calories. WIN!

Let’s check out a few examples of these miracle moves.

Squat Thrusters

This move involves incorporating two basic moves into one. A lower body squat is met half-way by a weighted press upward. Basically, you squat down and as you’re lifting your body upward, you continue the upward motion my raising weight up in the air until your arms are fully extended above your head at the sides of your ears. On your way down, gently lower the weight to rest above your shoulders and sink back down into the squat before thrusting up again for your next rep. This can be done with dumbbells, a weighted plate, a bar, or anything similar.

Walking Lunge Bicep Curls

The walking lunge and the bicep curl are both staples in any set. When combined they target the body with head to toe. Simply put, the movement starts as a regular forward lunge with weights in hand. When the front knee is bent, curl the weights upward bending only at the elbow to engage the bicep. As the curl comes up, so does the bent knee. Taking the next step forward, curl again. Continue walking and curling simultaneously.

Renegade Rows

An upper body burner, the renegade rows are intense, to say the least. A push-up meets a back row in a whole lot of effort. Get into a regular push up position but instead of hands flat on the ground, your hands will be gripping dumbbells that are flat on the ground. Balancing your weight on one arm, pull the other dumbbell backward as that elbow brushing against your ribs. Bring the weight back down and do the other arm. Once both sides have been rowed, complete a regular push up. Your back, core, chest, and shoulders will thank you.

Incorporate a couple of these into your workouts and you’ll be ready to take on the real world once COVID quarantine is over.

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