MORE Key Lime Pie, Oh my!

Picture this… You’re sitting on a rather hard and unrelenting office chair. Your eyes are burning from the computer screen, your back hurts from being hunched over, and your fingers are frozen from the subzero air conditioning blasting away at you for nine hours straight. This might actually be your reality – RIGHT NOW.

If the above paints your dreary daily scenario and your wanderlust mind yearns for a vacation getaway to warmer weathers and less clothing, we’ve got some news for you – Bang Energy Key Lime Pie is now available in two more exciting options!

Instead of pining away for an island escape that may never come, you can simply close your eyes, pop open a can, and transport yourself to a sunny South Florida Island instantly. Bang Energy Key Lime Pie is your instant vacation in a can. In every sip, bite into Key West, Florida’s iconic dessert topped with extra whip and creamy lime filling while you sit on a sun-soaked café in your fav bikini and coverup. Even better… this one’s got no calories so it’s ok to have seconds! As exciting as this flavor is… we haven’t actually told you what we’re excited about.

Right about now you’re probably thinking, sure Bang Energy is great for the 3 pm slump, but what if I want to drink key lime pie at 9 pm once I finally get to relax at home?! That’s the beauty of this new release – here’s where the big news is – it’s CAFFEINE FREE Bang Energy Key Lime Pie! That means you can satisfy your sweet tooth all day and all night with or without the energy. Tackle that workload during the day then wind down at night with the amazing flavor in hand and an island oasis dream in mind.

The other half of our exciting news aims to help you kick it up a notch, on-the-go. In addition to a caffeine-free version of our delicious key lime pie flavor, we’ve also added this vacation-vibes flavor to our 3-ounce shot lineup as well. Now you can get your pie on before the gym, before a long lecture class, or even before your quarterly business meeting that usually drags on for hours on end. The same key lime pie flavors, the same energy burst, and the same body-fueling nutrients you’ve come to expect in just 3 quick ounces.

Whether you’re on the run or looking to slow it down, get the taste you crave and the island feels you dream of with our two new additions. Get your caffeine free Bang Energy Key Lime Pie cans and key lime pie shots today at!

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