Bang girl and guy on bang energy drink commercial set for the new bang flavor chocolate drink - whole lotta chocolata

New Bang Flavor: Energy Drink Blast-Off

The latest and MOST unique new release of all Bang Energy® flavors has finally landed on Planet Earth, and the excitement is real! As rare as a shooting star brilliantly burning up the night sky, new energy drink flavors like THIS are few and far between…until now. 

New Flavor Release 

Introducing, Bang Energy Whole Lotta Chocolata! An alluring new flavor that combines rich chocolate with vibrant Bang ENERGY, Whole Lotta Chocolata is the first of its kind! 

Zero-Calorie Energy Drink 

While competitors in the market pump out one calorie-clogged drink after another, Bang Energy provides calorie-free, carb-free, and sugar-free energy drinks without compromising on taste. And this latest addition is no exception! 

Whole Lotta Chocolata offers out-of-this-world, high-intensity flavor and energy without loading up on all the unnecessary extras. Instead, Bang Energy drinks contain EAAs, CoQ10, and Super Creatine® — plus all the energy needed to help power you through a workout, an ALL-out fun night out, and everything between.  

Order Today 

Launch your energy levels to the moon and back with Whole Lotta Chocolata from Bang Energy. Order the exciting new energy drink online today!! 

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