Set Your Progress In Motion By Avoiding These Mistakes

Few things are better than that fresh-from-the-gym pump, glow, and feeling that you can take on the world with your little pinky finger. But many times, that heightened sense of accomplishment comes crashing down when our bad habits, hang-ups, and misguided following of phony tips come into play. Does this sound familiar? Check out our list of 5 mistakes you might be making and how to go about undoing the damage.

Going ALL IN, ALL The Time

It’s easy to get carried away while on your fitness journey and feel that the only way you’ll see results is if you push it to the max each and every day. While your best effort will definitely help you see results, you’re probably going to end up burning out or worse, getting injured. Every 4-5 weeks give your body a de-load week by cutting volume and weight lifted in half. This way you can refresh, recover, and come back stronger.


Slow reps, fast reps, negatives, tempered, and on and on… You can quickly drive yourself crazy trying to follow all the ways in which trainers, or anyone who thinks they know best, suggest you lift. Everyone is different so until you personally can figure out what works best for your body, just start plain and simple – lift the weight. Don’t try to go slow or try to go fast, just lift it, pull it, and push it however your body feels most comfortable while still making it challenging. That’s it.

Hangry Training

Whether you’re fasting, in a hurry and can’t eat, or have the idea that training with food in your stomach will make you fat, it’ll probably be a good idea to GO EAT! If you’re looking to lift some serious weight, fire up your cardio, or reach some new personal records, your body is going to need some fuel. A good place to start is to try and get a protein and a carb in at least 60 mins before your workout. Don’t eat thanksgiving dinner before you work out, but a quick protein bar, shake, or oatmeal can power you up.

No Days Off

This ties in to going too hard, too often. It’s great if you have the nonstop determination that drives you to lift every day, but your body can only take so much. A rest day is just as important as any other day in your lineup. You can still be productive on this day. Use it to get a massage, do some stretching, or relax your body with meditation. By giving your body this time to slow down, you can be sure your next workout will be more powerful.


If you’re about to throw down on some drive-thru, you might want to think again. The idea of a cheat day, cheat meal, or cheat treat has been wildly distorted since it was first introduced to our diet culture. Some argue that a cheat day helps your body reboot, much like a rest day. Others say that a single cheat meal is enough. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to cheating, it should be used with caution. One meal or one day can seamlessly undo days of hard work so it’s best to tread lightly.

Once you’ve sorted through your hiccups, you can make a plan to start fresh to do it the right way. Get a boost in the right direction with all the energy, supplements, and gear you’re going to need when you shop our Buy One Get One 50% Off sale going on now

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