Set Your Sights on Lean! Here’s How

Raise your hand if you’d like to get lean. ::EVERY SINGLE HAND GOES UP::

It’s a given – we ALL would love to shed a few pounds. Whether it was quarantine that toyed with the bathroom scale or you decided it’s finally time to get in better shape, losing weight is on everyone’s mind now, today, and always.

Weight loss is the number one most popular objective of gym-goes anywhere. Naturally, this causes opinions to pile up faster than the calories that got us here in the first place. Between TV, social media, magazines, and your sister’s friend’s cousin’s mailman’s trainer, everyone has the “best” way to go about doing it. We’ll just quietly add ourselves to your list then. But we promise to actually give you some great tips on how to get it done. Lean and mean, here we come!

Chill Out

The very thought of having to drop weight can be daunting for just about anyone. It’s a huge undertaking that requires plenty of commitment. But before any of that hard work even starts, you have to be right in your mind. By setting unrealistic expectations you are bound to hit a wall very quickly. Taking your plan one step at a time, knowing that nothing happens overnight, and giving your body enough space to get it done safely and slowly can set you up on a firm foundation to achieve more than you imagined.

Reinvent a Classic

For some reason weight loss automatically equals cardio to many people. Visions of endless runs to absolutely nowhere cloud the minds of fitness novices. Sure day 1 is great, but day 2 and beyond can get pretty boring running on that same treadmill to nowhere. While running is in fact a great way to get your cardio in, changing it up a bit can keep you engaged and actually wanting to do it. A quick and easy solution is to find a hill! Short bursts of uphill sprints are a great way to torch calories and work your muscles at the same time. The incline helps your muscles power up while the running keeps your heart pumping.

Get Creative

Another layer to add to your training is weightlifting. This doesn’t mean simply picking up a dumbbell and curling it until you see a bicep. To get real results, adding complexity to your movements goes a long way. A complex is a series of movements performed quickly, one after the other. For example, a complex can be created when you squat, then press, then squat again. They are basic movements that when linked together cause your body to use more muscles to complete the sequence. Complexes are a great way to speed up your workout and heart rate while doing the same set you would normally be doing.

Start Pushing

One of the best ways to get your body to use every ounce of energy is to push weight around. We’re used to picking it up, but the act of pushing it works your muscles in a completely different way. The sled is a very useful tool that often goes overlooked or even feared. To push it down the turf, you need to create momentum. Keeping the momentum going and the sled moving is where the magic happens. To continue moving forward you have to use your entire body and all of its strength to keep it going. Given that you’re using your entire body, more muscles are being activated than any other type of movement. Push the sled. Calories hate it.

With a little creativity, this new knowledge, and plenty of motivation, you too can achieve your weight loss goals. Shop the Buy One Get One 50% Off sale to pick up everything you need while on your way to shred city!

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