Spreading Love the Bang Energy Way

Love was definitely in the air this weekend and so was plenty of Bang Energy! We continued to celebrate our latest and loveliest Valentine-inspired flavor, Delish Strawberry Kiss as the Bang Energy Fuel Team spread love all across Florida, Ontario, San Diego, and Phoenix. In-house we had some celebrations of our own. Read on to find out how we do love at Bang Energy!

Pretty in Pink Pack Debut

Along with our new flavor, we also debuted a NEW pack! Combing all our prettiest flavors, the Pretty in Pink pack features New Delish Strawberry Kiss, Cotton Candy, Rainbow Unicorn, and Frosè Rosè for a complete collection of some of our most popular, love-filled flavors! The pack is only available for a limited time so get yours here before the love runs out!

Production Pop-Up

We’re known for our over-the-top productions, sets, and styles. On Valentine’s Day, that’s no different! Fueled by the creative minds on our production team and social media coordinator, Nicole Cruz, we staged an entire set right IN our marketing offices! Showcasing our limited edition Pretty in Pink pack, this video had it all! “The video follows our main character at work on Valentine’s Day, a day you can tell he’s not so fond of. Everything seems to go wrong on a day he was already dreading. Thankfully, a coworker was able to witness his not-so-good day and give him a Bang Energy drink that was sure to turn his frown upside down!” describes Cruz. Check out how it all turned out for our leading grump here!

Fuel Team Fun

From our very own backyard here in Weston, Tampa, and Orlando and all the way up to Ontario, our Fuel Team was out in full effect. From sending out Valentine’s grams to having sampling spots set up in local restaurants and outdoor eateries, our teams went all out. Across the country, our San Diego and Phoenix teams spread the love as well at local events and popular hangouts. Even though this year’s love was geared more toward contactless affection, we still did it up BIG! In total, we put over 6,600 cans of love in Bangster hands! That’s a lot of love!

Matches made in Bang Energy

In full festive mode, our employees at headquarters put together the sweetest of surprises for our marketing team. After having answered the most unique questionnaire in matching-making history, responses were paired, and matches were made. “We came up with the game during a brainstorming sesh! We wanted people to find their commonalities, so we added a twist to it. We also structured it the way we did to make sure everyone had a match!” explains office assistant Julianna Lippe. Some in-office bonding and a little chocolate was the sweetest way to celebrate a day of love and friendship in the office.

2 thoughts on “Spreading Love the Bang Energy Way”

  1. Good afternoon team.

    Just wanted to know, what do I need to do to be come part of this amazing team and help promote Bang on my social media platforms. Instead of me getting paid I would like to advertise my dog kennel name in Australia. Would this be posible.

    1. Bang Energy Customer Service

      Hello Daniel,

      Thank you for your interest in Bang Energy and for being a true fan of our products! Please email us at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to assist.

      Thank you!

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