Staying on Track While Dining Out

You don’t have to say no to your friends or family when they invite you out to dinner. Instead, try making smart decisions that will help you enjoy the occasion! Check out these tips to help you stick to your healthy lifestyle.

Always choose a protein

Protein is your best option when going out. It helps feed your muscles and helps you feel full for a longer amount of time. Some of the tastiest options include chicken, meat, turkey, fish, seafood, and lamb. Try going with a grilled or boiled preparation. This will help you save hundreds of calories! 

Make a healthy swap

Of course, we all know fried food, simple carbs, and extra cheese are delicious, but they can interfere with your goals. Instead of asking for French fries, ask for baked potatoes, or get a lettuce wrap instead of a burger bun, and maybe go light on the cheese toppings. These smart decisions will not only benefit your body but also keep you on track.

Avoid liquid calories 

Sweetened drinks are not a good decision when trying to keep a healthy lifestyle. Additional grams of refined sugar in a can/cup may taste great, but they will not help you in the long run. It’s just not worth it! Try to stick with water and sprinkle in some lemon for extra flavor. If you’re looking for flavor, check out our lineup of Bang Energy drinks available in regular or caffeine-free. With no sugar added and no carbs or calories, these will satisfy your flavor cravings without setting you off track.

Share your dessert 

Not everything has to be black or white… we can also adapt to gray! Don’t hold yourself back from eating the dessert you really want. If you ate a balanced entree, why not having a little piece of dessert? But here’s the trick, try to order one and divide it with your friends/family. Have one or two spoons, satisfy your cravings, and be done with it. 

Keep a healthy balance throughout the day 

Don’t starve yourself when you’re dining out. You can’t always keep track of the amount of fat or carbs they serve you in a restaurant, but not eating anything before going, will increase your chance of overeating. Focus on having a day high in protein and vegetables either before or after dining out. 

Now it’s your turn to apply these tricks!

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