Stuck? Get UNstuck. How to Move Back Into Progress

You’ve hit the proverbial wall. Or maybe it’s a “plateau” as we love to call it. Whatever obtrusive structure you pick, it feels like you’re stuck there forever. But is it really something you’ve hit or is it something you can just as easily walk around? Let me explain…

Sometimes it feels like you’re stuck. Something is definitely wrong, you’re broken, and the whole system is a sham. Not quite… Without knowing it, there are tiny little mistakes or inaccuracies lingering in your routines, nutritional information, or general lifestyle that are the real root of the problem and have stunted your progress. Let’s identify them and figure out how to get these boulders outta the way!

Technique, technique, technique!

We often hear about technique and how if you’re performing a movement incorrectly, it can lead to pain and possibly injury. Well, the opposite is also something to consider! The human body is made to operate in the most efficient way possible. To avoid struggle or discomfort, your body will adapt and find ways to perform a task with the least amount of resistance. So if your muscles aren’t being challenged because your body is adapting to performing movements with a technique that is too comfortable or easy, growth won’t occur. Safely and effectively working against your comfort zone is the best way to get your body going.

You Only Do the Fun Stuff

Sure it feels great to squat 200lbs. You get excited for leg day because you know that’s where you shine. But what happens on upper body day? Those bicep curls seem like climbing Mount Everest when you think about how much you dislike them. So instead, your upper body stays in its current state and there are no gains to be had. Instead of always doing what’s easy or what’s fun, challenge your mind and body and go for the hard stuff! Find the movements you feel are your weakest and make it a goal to improve on them! In the end you’ll not only grow but your sense of accomplishment will make you unstoppable.

Doing More Doesn’t Always Mean You GET More

It’s a common misconception to believe that hours in the gym will translate to gains on gains on gains. Just because you’re putting in time, or too much time, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing all the right things to see results. Muscle gain is achieved by consistent and efficient weightlifting. Take for example, the difference between a marathon runner and a sprinter. Training can be easy and long but it won’t give you the same results as training hard and fast. Train like the sprinter and go all in for short bursts of time. Don’t drag out a long workout just because you think it’ll mean more. There’s better uses for your time.

Whether we realize it or not, there’s always little areas we can improve upon or outdated knowledge we can refresh. Go back and reexamine your patterns and see where you’re getting stuck. Once you’ve identified where to improve, head over to and shop our Buy One Get One 50% off sale. If it’s nutrition you need help with, shop our supplements. If it’s getting mentally in the mood, get the gear to make you feel great. Whatever it is, DO IT.

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