The Best Exercises For Every Strong Woman Out There!

As women, we’re supposed to have hour-glass figures, tight, toned abs no matter how many children we’ve had, and silky-smooth legs without the slightest bit of cellulite in sight. Right? WRONG!

First and foremost, we’re not supposed to have anything! We are incredibly advanced machines that are able to carry the load of childhood, menstruation, and daily wear and tear. We are at our own right to look, feel, and carry our bodies in any which way we please because in the end, we’re still bad you-know-whats!

Staying in good physical shape can help tremendously while on our way to becoming the best versions of ourselves. Having a sound exercise routine can help achieve better physical stamina to be able to take on all that we do. So here at Bang, we’ve put together some of the best exercises for women that can be done independently or added to an existing routine on our way toward total world domination… or at least close to it.


To get that ultra-toned backend, you’re going to have to focus specifically on moves that target those muscles. Bridges do this while also helping to strengthen your back and core. These are a great exercise to add in between heavyweight sets. Here’s what they should look like:

-Laying face up on the ground, bend your knees so your feet are flat on the ground

-Raising your hips, form a straight line from shoulder to knee

-Pause and squeeze your glutes at the top before slowly lowering back down


Your “backside” is way more than just a perky peach. Your glutes, hamstrings, and back all play a very important roll in your posterior chain that keeps you upright and standing strong. The classic deadlift aides in balance and builds each of these muscles with every rep. Here’s how it’s done:

-Grab a pair of dumbbells

-Square your shoulders and align your feet shoulder-width apart

-Slowly bend at the hips and lower the dumbbells down toward the floor while having a slight bend at the knees

-Pause at the bottom and then slowly rise back up keeping your back straight

-You should feel a tug in your hamstrings as you lower


Although once a social media sensation, the plank has been and will always be a tried and true total body strengthening move. Its simplicity often has many overlook it as something that can’t possibly be that effect – oh but it is! The plank works everything from your shoulders to your core, and back as well. The key is to increase the total length of time the position is held overtime for more pronounced results.  Here’s how:

-Lay face down on the floor with arms bent and tucked, feet shoulder-width apart

-Embracing your core and tightening your glutes, raise up so you’re on your toes and your elbows are at 90 degrees aligned with your shoulders

-Keeping your back straight and not letting your lower back sag, continue to hold your core for as long as possible


One of the most vilified moves in the exercise world, the burpee requires an intense burst of total body energy. With each rep, every muscle in your body is working to get you up, down, and back in form and ready for the next one. It results in the complete utilization of your body’s best power. Here’s how it goes:

-Starting from the floor in a crouched position, kick feet back until your body is straight and arms are extended with palms on the floor as if to perform a push-up

-Push up OR lay flat on the ground and then rapidly drawing feet back in and springing up into a jump

-Land from the jump, crouch again, kick back your legs again, and get back into push up formation before drawing feet in again and jumping

While just a few of the endless amounts of movements you can perform to get your body looking and feeling rock solid, these are your basic foundations for creating a total body routine. Add steps, perform single-legged, and even holding weights are you do them for more intensity as you become more confident in your form.

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