The Power of Built-In Bangin’ Positivity

Dark and dreary doomsday gloom… ain’t no one got time for all of that! At Bang Energy, we flip the script and give you a double dose of all the good things in life – happiness, excitement, good times, and of course tons of energy! We are intrinsically wired to make all things bright and cheerful. Down to our core values as a company, we aim to offer uplifting energy to our consumers when they need it most. The world can present us with various shades of gray on any given day, so we do our best to give it all we’ve got to be a source of positivity!

But how? How can a company that finds itself facing the same world problems, the same market unpredictability, the same social strife, and so many more of the same issues that any other organization faces still find a way to be all things positive and cheery? Because we’re Bang Energy, that’s how.

We are the energy

We do energy. And what does energy make you feel? Excitement, joy, and the fluttery butterflies in the pit of your stomach when you know something good is about to happen. We are those butterflies. We are your source of energy that powers your day. “We are full of life and energy, which is exactly what each Bang Energy drink is made of! Bang Energy cans are full of bright colors that match the personalities of our team members,” explains Marketing Administrative Project Coordinator Wiam Oussir.

Whether your day looks like work and school or all-night dancing and globetrotting, we provide our consumers with the energy to get it done. We are the fuel of life – a life that should be packed with as much fun, positivity, and productivity as possible. We encourage you to do it all because we know that with Bang Energy, we can get you there. It’s just a matter of actually being positive.

The positivity within  

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. On our team, our positivity links us. “Day-to-day positivity creates a really awesome work environment. People are excited to come to work and share their knowledge and expertise. People are also more willing to collaborate with others, even if they are outside of their team/department. It allows people to use their strengths to continue to grow,” says Office Assistant Julianna Lippe. Our working environment is one of collaborative success. By building each other up we’re able to pour it all into our product. In turn, externally our products continue to spread fun, positive vibes to our consumers while internally we celebrate each other’s achievements and continue to build toward the future.

“At Bang, our most important resource, our soul, is our people. We are surrounded by individuals that engage in “whatever it takes” behavior, and are dynamic, intelligent, and interesting people who are passionate about our products and brand,” explain Carlos Gutiérrez de Piñeres, Graphics Department Manager.

With great positivity comes great creativity

You can say you’re of a positive mindset all day, but actions definitely speak louder than words where we come from. This is where we shine! Our colors are brighter, our graphics vibrant, our dancers are electric, and our events are one-of-a-kind. We create the atmosphere that makes you want to have a good time and focus on the positive side of life. We offer products that help you carry this same feeling way past the cooler and into your board meetings, gym sessions, and lecture halls. We aim to inspire you to reach for all the possibilities that lay just beyond your fingertips. We power you with the energy to get you there. “Every color, every design, every logo that we create has been chosen with the intention of motivating and inspiring our Bangsters. In a world full of high-sugar, life-sucking sodas and negative messages and dark designs and messages, Bang Energy is a brand based on ingenuity using bright colors, positive messages, and great ingredients,” says Gutiérrez de Piñeres.

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