Tools For Your Trade – Get All The Fitness Accessories You Need

In addition to the groaning and gym selfies, your workout can always use a boost. Reaching optimal levels of burn require all the grit but using a few key accessories can definitely give you a leg up on the competition.

From the supplemental aides to the nutrition filled, fitness accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There’s a wildly colorful amount of things you can tote along to the gym to improve your game. But which ones are actually effective? What tools can you use in your next pump session to get those coveted gainz? Let’s put our bro shades on and find out as we dig into the top 4 fitness accessories you can use to get the most out of your workout.

Bang Energy Shaker Bottle

As one of the most versatile products on our list, the shaker can do for you more than any of the other products combined. The trick is to figure out which liquid substance can get you to the next level. First and foremost, hydration! Your shaker can be a source of water during your set to keep you cool and refreshed. At the same time, your shaker could house your preworkout drink, BCAAs, or protein shake, and then after it can be your recovery mix. Having a shaker bottle can sure help get you through a routine where you need a little push along the way.

Bang Energy Resistance Bands

An effective workout doesn’t necessarily have to involve stacks of plates or dumbbells the size of your head. All you need is a little resistance. With resistance bands, you can get the push back you need to get your muscles to power through the pain and get through to the other side of each rep. Place them around your knees but a massive glute attack, around your elbows to work your upper body, and even around your waist with a partner for some killer cardio. Don’t let them deceive you. These bands can set your muscles on fire.

Bang Weightlifting Wrist Straps

From the first-time lifters to the CrossFit pros, wrist straps are commonly and widely used in just about every gym with a bend and a bar. What are they exactly? They are a loop of cloth or leather that goes around the wrist and onto the bar that makes it easier to hold a heavy weight. They secure a better grip so many would say they help you lift more weight more comfortably – so much so that many argue it’s a “cheat.” But if cheating means you can safely and effectively lift more pounds, then we won’t tell.

Bang Sweat Bands

Although straight out of the 80s, sweatbands have proven to be a worthy accessory to bring along on the sweat-soaked days. Sweat beads dripping can easily become a distraction, then segway into a health hazard for not only yourself but others around you. Sweat in the eyes is the fast track to getting bacteria in your eyes that can lead to a sty, trust us, those are not fun. A quick swipe from the band stops that potential problem dead in its tracks and keeps your head in the game.

With so many items to add, we tried to keep it short and sweet with only the essentials in mind. Lucky for you, all of these must-haves are included in the Buy One Get One 50% Off sale going on now. Start shopping, get lifting, and put in the work. It’s that easy. 

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