The Top 4 Most Common Ab Workouts

There’s no denying the importance of building core muscle. Not only is it what provides us with stability and balance, but it’s quite literally the foundation of how we perform any given exercise or movement, both in the gym and in daily life.  

By targeting your ab muscles, you not only build your core but your overall strength as well. Depending on the type of ab exercises you choose, you can even strengthen your cardiovascular system. 

So, whether you’re looking to switch up your existing ab routine or learn new ways to target this muscle group, keep scrolling for a look at the most common types of ab workouts! 

Most Common Types of Ab Workouts 


When most of us think of ab workouts we think of traditional exercises like the crunch or the plank, but there are a lot more ways to target the abdominals. While these exercises are effective, they get quite redundant when performed in repetition. 

In this blog, we’ll break down some of the best ab workouts and discuss what exercises are involved in each! 

Below are the four most common types of ab workouts: 

  • Standing  
  • Resistance band  
  • Weighted  
  • Medicine ball  

Standing Ab Workouts 

Not all ab exercises need to be performed on the ground. In fact, there are many ab exercises you can do standing up, both in isolation and as a cardiovascular core workout!  

Some of the best standing ab exercises include high-knees (aka running on the spot), the knee tuck extension, standing bicycle crunches, and the rollout from a standing position.  


Resistance Band Ab Workouts 

If you’re happy with the exercises in your current ab routine, but you’re simply looking for another level of difficulty, resistance bands are a fun and easy way to up the ante. Resistance bands provide concentrical and eccentrical resistance, to help strengthen and tone the core!  

Some of the best resistance band ab exercises include the banded bridge, banded mountain climbers, standing Pallof holds, and the banded curl-up. 


Weighted Ab Workouts 

Another great way to add intensity to an ab routine is by implementing weight. Whether it’s with dumbbells, kettlebells, or machines, weight provides an extra layer of difficulty to your workouts. Similar to resistance band training, added weight activates a higher level of core strength. 

Some of the best weighted ab workouts include dumbbell pull-throughs, plank-and-rotates, dumbbell wood chops, weighted Russian twists, and dumbbell overhead curl-ups.  


Medicine Ball Ab Workouts 

Last, but certainly not least, are medicine ball ab workouts. Yet again, similar to weighted ab workouts, medicine balls provide a convenient and versatile mechanism to engage the core. Whether you choose to use it in isolation or for a more functional cardiovascular-driven workout, medicine balls are sure to make you sweat! 

Some of the best medicine ball ab exercises are medicine ball Russian twists, medicine ball slams, medicine ball V-ups, and med-ball overhead crunches. 

Conquer the Core!  

No matter the goal, the core is an essential, foundational part of the body not only for strength and performance, but for overall health and longevity. 

Whatever type of ab exercise you choose, you’ll be sure to feel the burn!  

Most importantly, make sure your workouts are fueled properly. Bang Energy and VPX Sports have a wide selection of supplements for any ab circuit. Whether it’s a pre-workout powder, sports hydration drink, post-workout drink, or protein, we have everything you need to help you see results! 


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