Weekend Warriors Unite! Stay On Track Even On The Weekends

Work, school, projects, deadlines, play-dates, bad dates… the list of things that occupy your time goes ON AND ON. Sometimes the last thing on your to-do list is to get a good workout in. Enter… the weekend warrior. [Que majestic music]

A weekend warrior is someone who gets physical activity in on their spare time. And that’s perfectly ok! As long as you’re moving, there are no rules on when, where, or how!

If you’re new to fitness or coming back after a little break, being a weekend warrior is also a great way to start. Let’s check out how to go about tackling this lifestyle to get the maximum result from your efforts.

Move and keep on movin’

With time not being on your side, it’s important to get the most out of the little bit that you do have. An early morning start is definitely the way to go. Book a weekend class at your favorite spin studio, boot camp, or even CrossFit gym for a big burn in a small amount of time. You’ll feel energized and invigorated to tackle the rest of your day.

After your morning sweat session, try and make the most of your weekend with physical, hands-on activities that are functional. Wash the car, cut the grass, empty the garage, or any other manual labor that can keep you moving. Once that’s done, keep your body going with some fun! Take a dip in the pool, go for a bike ride, or even put together an impromptu water balloon fight with the kids!

The goal is to always be moving and staying active. This way you can continue to burn calories, get plenty of steps in, and still go about your day.

Cheat – Just a little

If you don’t have the luxury of time, at least your diet is something you can always control.

During the week, it can be easiest to keep your diet simple and to the point. Oatmeal for breakfast, a quick salad in between meetings for lunch, and whatever you can whip up with leftovers for dinner all while trying to stay within a reasonable calorie count. It’s not about perfection, it’s about being mindful of what you put in your body and you probably do a pretty good job at it. The weekends though… that’s a whole other story.

In the weekends, the rules are a little different. The structure isn’t always there and it can be easy to get carried away. But if you’re paying attention, you can give yourself some wiggle room.

We’ve all heard of a cheat day. A whole DAY can quickly throw you off track and undo the progress you make during the week. A cheat meal though can be a very effective tool. By designating one specific meal where you can splurge and have that burger you’ve been eyeing or that pizza you’ve been dreaming about, you give yourself motivation. Be good now so that later you can have some fun. Weekend warriors can cheat a bit on the weekend, without undoing any of their hard work. The key is to keep it to one meal so that you don’t go overboard.  

Plan Ahead

While weekends are made for fun, they’re also an important time to plan for the coming week. As a weekend warrior, you know that you have little time Monday-Friday to be spontaneous so it’s best to avoid the possibility by planning ahead. Map out your activities, meal prep, and schedule your important must-dos. This way you can get all of the necessities out of the way during the week and set yourself up for a relaxing and possibly delicious weekend.

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