Weekends Were Made for Fun… AND Staying on Track

Monday. The most dreaded day of the week… Not if you’re a health and fitness enthusiast!

Monday is a fresh start, a way to undo the damage you did on the weekend, and the day where you feel most motivated to kick that scale in the butt! But what does that mean for Friday? If Monday uses up all your motivation, what’s left for the rest of the week? Instead of making up for lost calories, follow our tips on how to stay the course even on the weekend!

Keep a Routine

One of the biggest reasons we fall off the wagon is because of the lack of structure on the weekends. If this is the case for you, create a weekend plan for yourself. Set up parameters for what you want to get done and how you’ll go about getting there. You can even factor in your cheat meals. By setting up a structured schedule, you’ll have little wiggle room to deviate and get yourself in trouble.

Eat Right… Or as Close as You Can

Weekends are made for fun – yes, we know this. But don’t let your fun ruin 5 day’s worth of hard work. Incorporate fun food and things you love, but in moderation. Have a sensible breakfast and light lunch in preparation for your big dinner out. Or enjoy your brunch date with the girls but keep it light the rest of the night. This also means curbing your alcohol intake as well. It’s not about eliminating, it’s about being mindful of your choices so that you can include it all.

Indulge in Fitness

Weekday schedules can leave little time for that high-energy spin class or that calorie torching kicking boxing class you love but can never get into. With more time to spare on a Saturday morning, why not give yourself a little fitness treat!? Sign up for that class you love, go on that scenic run, or bike on the beach when you can actually take the time to enjoy these things. Take the work out of your workout and do something that makes you happy with your weekend free time.

Have Non-Food-Related Fun

Instead of catching up with friends and family around a table, why not make it an active catch-up? Schedule a hike, stroll, or swim instead of a food fest. This way you can get your steps in and catch up on the latest and greatest. Try a new class with a friend so you won’t feel awkward and alone, check out a farmer’s market with the family to explore the neighborhood, or grab a coffee and hit a local museum for some culture. The possibilities are endless.

After a productive and active weekend, you’re ready to keep your momentum going when Monday morning comes around. Get all your nutritional supplements, energy drinks, and fitness accessories at Bang-Energy.com to keep your progress going strong! Shop our Buy One Get One 50% off sale going on now and save some cash while you’re shedding some pounds!

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