Weight Loss Done Right

Cardio burn out. Check.

Absolutely NO carbs. Check.

Low-fat everything. Check.

If this is your weight-loss fundamentals checklist, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

There’s an unlimited amount of false, misleading, and downright confusing weight loss information available at the click of a button. Much of it is outdated info that has since its release across the 80s, 90s, and today’s has been debunked through research and experience.

We’re here to offer you a look at what some of the latest successful weight loss tips are and help you discover why even though you’re eating things labeled “healthy” you may not be shedding any pounds.

Cardio is NOT king

Sure the calories tick away as you spend hours on the treadmill but do it enough and your body will get used to the stress of running miles and miles and begin to adapt – thus nullifying your body’s efforts to work hard. Once you step off the treadmill your body is done burning calories, the “afterburn” as they call it, is next to nothing. Instead of steady states of running, combine sprint intervals with light jogs. Varying your heart rate will keep your body from adapting and keep you burning more calories.

Do the protein BRO

The myth that protein is only for meat-head bodybuilders is beyond ridiculous. As human beings, we need protein for many different functions in our body – the most important being building and maintaining muscle mass. So meathead or not, we all need protein in our diets. For those looking to lose weight, protein is even more important. Adequate amounts of protein can help the body feel full longer and faster and can help burn more calories since the body uses up more energy breaking down protein than it does any other macronutrient. A good rule to follow is to aim for 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

Keep on tracking

“I eat clean and I track what I’m eating, but I’m still not losing weight,” says Joe Can’t-Lose-Weight. But Joe isn’t telling us how he doesn’t track the creamer in his coffee, the dressing on his salad, the handful of nuts every couple of hours, and the “bite” of his wife’s dessert he usually snags. Tracking can definitely be tedious, but it will offer a visual and accurate representation of what you’re eating. By tracking it ALL and not just your meals, you can see the areas that may be creating problems.

Drink all the water

Everyone knows that drinking water is important – but when it comes to fat loss, it goes up a notch. Water is a tool used by the body to efficiently operate many of our most basic functions, one of them being our metabolism. When not enough water is circling through the body, it goes into conservation mode and slows down your metabolism. So the more water you drink, the more effectively your metabolism can run.

Stay tuned for more of our best weight loss tips to crush those 2021 goals. Check out BangEnergy.com for many of the most important weight loss tools including energy supplements, protein, and more.

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