What the BLITZ?! Street Team Marketing the Bang Energy Way

In a market saturated with wings and scary things, Bang Energy is the hyper bright, fun-loving energy drink that aims to make this world a brighter, more positive place. To say we do things differently would be an understatement; so when it comes to marketing, we create our own rules.

Where others flash commercials or print glossy ads, we decided to take a more hands-on approach to reaching consumers. For five days in mid-September, an eager group of 137 Bang Energy sales, marketing, and PepsiCo team members joined forces to hit the streets across Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. With plenty of Bang Energy in hand, they were steadfast in achieving two major goals – to educate and collaborate.  

What’s a blitz anyways?

Why not just create a Google ad and be done with it?Sure, that would be the easy way, but the easy way is far from how we operate around here. Instead, we put our best and brightest on the frontlines and set our sights on connecting with customers and storefronts directly.

In order to really spread the word and get cans in hands, a blitz was a must. A what?? We’ll break it down for you.

Blitzing 101

A blitz is a meticulously organized marketing strategy created to focus attention on one specific area while creating buzz, increasing sales, and educating customers on new or spotlighted products. With this in mind, The North Texas Sales Blitz was born!

As a form of street marketing, blitzes involve various teams and their combined efforts to target a specific area with the aim to educate the public and increase sales. The teams focused on segments that were created by filtering city, zip code, and product profiles sold in each of the areas visited. Marketing team members were the acting product experts while sales team members focused on the sale. Together they educated, encouraged, and ultimately helped increase sales in the Dallas and Fort Worth markets.

With a slew of new products including Redline® NOO-Fusion™, NOO-Fuzion™, Stoked™, and Meltdown 1 Keto, face-to-face engagement was the best way to spread in-depth, product specific information with potential customers. The use of strategically placed POP or “Point of Purchase” signage also helped to reinforce our positive branding and fun-loving product. Placing these vibrant, brightly colored graphics in areas that reach customers moments before their purchase was a great way to leave our mark.  The North Texas Blitz was able to blanket the cities with a wealth of product knowledge that lead to some impressive results.

Talk numbers to me

As they always say, let the numbers do the talking. In those terms, The North Texas Blitz has a lot to say. In the period of just 5 days, much was accomplished at the customer level and in retail. We were able to place 15,611 cans in the eager-to-sample hands of our fans! These hands had direct contact with our product and brand without the need for a middleman or an ad. They were able to interact with Bang Energy raw and in person. The amount of reach obtained in just 5 days was overwhelmingly positive.

Success on the retail level was off the charts as well. We were able to hit existing accounts, increase the amount of SKUs businesses were carrying by 2,888, and our signature colors splashed far and wide with 345 new coolers and 559 new displays mounted because of the team’s mighty efforts. 

More than just the dollars

Aside from a huge monetary gain and invaluable amounts of brand exposure amongst thousands of Texas residents, the blitz was also largely successful in its second objective: to develop a deeper collaborative connection with our new PepsiCo partners.

With a brand new, history-making partnership between Bang Energy and PepsiCo still in its infancy stages, there’s much to do to get the two powerhouse teams familiar with each other’s operations. An intensive 5-day long blitz involving members from both companies was a perfect way to dive right in.

Christine King, Bang Energy Field Marketing Specialist Team Lead and head of The North Texas Blitz operations puts it all in perspective. “At Bang Energy, we value a collaborative team effort. We understand that there is value in numbers and our sales and sampling numbers from the North Texas Blitz are proof that the bigger we go, the better we get.”

What’s in store for the future of blitzing?

With a number of popular South Florida blitzes under our belt and now a hugely successful out-of-state blitz to account for, the wheels have already begun to turn in terms of planning for the next go round. A South Texas blitz covering Austin, San Antonio, and Houston is already in the works. From there, the possibilities are limitless.

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