Bringing the Bang to BevNet 2022

Bringing the Bang to BevNet 2022

How Jack Owoc Fueled Energy Into BevNET Live Summer 2022 

Founded in 1996, BevNet quickly grew into the world’s leading beverage-oriented media network. Now, nearly three decades later, this organization hosts some of the most popular networking conferences for many of the beverage industry’s most notable companies.  

This year, Bang Energy CEO Jack Owoc was a keynote speaker at the Summer Live event. When BevNET Editor-in-Chief Jeff Klineman welcomed Owoc onto the New York City stage on June 16th, the energy immediately shifted. Pacing around the stage, Owoc lit up the room with enthusiasm as he discussed the landscape of the energy drink market. 

Owoc opened the conversation with an inspiring story about the humble beginnings of his business. Nearly 30 years ago, he started his journey as an entrepreneur sleeping on an old air mattress inside a small supplement store he owned. Now, he’s the heartbeat of a multi-billion-dollar empire in the performance beverage space. 

As the interview carried on, Owoc’s message revolved around four specific topics: 

  1. Pushing innovation 
  2. The sports drink of the future 
  3. Pollution Solution 
  4. Discipline, effort, sacrifice, and study 

Here’s a detailed review of the highlights: 

Pushing Innovation

Owoc credits the success of Bang Energy, VPX, and its family of companies to one core principle –– innovation. “Relentless innovation that exceeds expectations” is the motto that drives the focus of the business. From the dominant presence on social media to the cutting-edge product line, his team is always breaking ground on the latest and greatest movements.  

"We aspire to be the biggest beverage company on planet Earth,” Owoc says. And with an unrelenting commitment to learning and quality control, expect the team at Bang Energy to blaze more trails in this venture.  

 The Sports Drink of the Future 

One of the latest beverages to make waves in the sports hydration category is the new VOOZ Hydration Sensation. The new sports drink from Bang Energy is one of the most exciting products to hit store shelves in many years. Available in a variety of great flavors, VOOZ offers an effective blend of electrolytes and immune-boosting ingredients. It’s caffeine-free, contains no sugar, and comes in 100% recyclable aluminum material.  

Owoc perked up when speaking about VOOZ, proudly referencing the statement, “If you snooze, you lose. If you VOOZ, you cruise.” Where Bang is now a staple in the energy drink market, Owoc proclaims that VOOZ is set to be “the sports drink of the future.”   

Pollution Solution Campaign

Owoc didn’t shy away from Bang’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Today, the company is hyper-focused on eliminating plastic waste across the globe. By converting to 99% aluminum packaging, Bang is making strides to clean up the planet with recyclable production. 

But even though Bang is producing more sustainable materials, that’s only a small part of the solution. Everything else depends on us. If we don’t want to turn the world into a global garbage dump, it’s important to join the fight against plastic waste.  

Owoc went on to introduce Bang Energy’s initiative to neutralize plastic contamination.  

“We’re launching a global campaign (where) all you have to do is not use single-serve plastic for one month."

The first annual Pollution Solution campaign will begin on July 1. For more information about this effort, we invite you to take our pledge to protect the environment for 30 days.  

Discipline. Effort. Sacrifice. Study.

Klineman concluded the presentation by asking Owoc about the lessons he’s learned from growing a company. Owoc responded, “I teach my staff, discipline, effort, sacrifice, and study.” From the beginning, these four words helped shape the success of each brand Owoc started, and they continue to drive the legacy he’s building.  

To learn more about Jack’s principles and the future of Bang Energy, check out the entire presentation from the BevNet Live event.