How to Stay Healthy, Safe, and Balanced During Holiday Travels

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The Holiday season is here, which comes with the added stress of gifting, family events, and of course, holiday travel…

Traveling for the holidays is overwhelming enough without also having to worry about staying healthy, safe, and balanced, so our philosophy is to prioritize health when it comes to long flights, drives, or train rides. (Because you want to be home, not sick for the holidays!)

To help you, we have a list of practices and products to support and maximize your happy and healthy travels this year!

5 Ways for Healthy, Safe and Balanced Holiday Travels

Proper Immunity Boost

Traveling and getting sick is literally the worst. 

Unfortunately, it’s an expected experience as travel requires us to be around many people in confined spaces as well as coming in contact with an influx of infected surfaces.

As the holidays come at the pinnacle of flu season, it’s essential to take precautions to boost your immunity! From multivitamins to immunity boosting shots like Quash, there are tons of options out there to not only proactively boost your immunity but can help you shave off recoup time if you end up catching something in your travels! 

Gift yourself health as you travel by being proactive and reactive with your health! 

Proper Hydration

On top of proper immunity health, hydration can play a huge role in keeping you healthy and happy during the holiday dash! Proper hydration can help to regulate body temperature, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood to keep the holiday bright! 

So as you go out and about doing all of the holiday festive things you and your family love, be sure to drink water and supplement your holiday hydration with drinks like Vooz for added hydration and electrolytes!  Cheers!

Proper Nutrition Balance

Holidays and travel make balanced eating tough. From having to pick up quick snacks between flights at kiosks and resisting all the sugary treats made by mom, it definitely takes intentional effort.

Although convenience and favorite holiday foods are easy to fall into, try to balance your nutrition with protein and other healthy foods this season! Eating well leaves us feeling more energetic as well as helps your body function at its best. 

So, know there are many simple ways to pack protein and other healthy nutrients for a well-balanced body! One way is to think ahead. Look to make intentional efforts to add protein to your holiday diet like adding protein powders in an empty shaker bottle for the plane or suggesting you add protein powder to mom’s holiday cookies. 

Making those plans ahead of time can greatly improve your eating habits and much needed energy for the holiday season! So, have yourself a little protein-packed Christmas…

Proper Energy 

The holidays are supposed to be a break but they can be draining as most times we are on-the-go and staying up late to maximize our holiday plans! To combat this, it’s best to not only get good sleep but to find sustainable energy options to help give you the boost to stay up for the NYE ball drop or to catch that cheap red eye flight you snagged! 

Whether it’s coffee protein drinks or zero-sugar energy drinks that have sustained energy release, you can enjoy all the festivities with the energy and gusto you need to make lasting memories!

Proper Gratitude

The holidays are a happy time, so any opportunity to cultivate gratitude will genuinely brighten the season. Holiday gatherings provide opportunities to slow down and take in the incredible people, places, and things we enjoy. So, as you meet with loved ones, take a moment to show gratitude for the role they play in your life. Show gratitude and feel full with every gift you open. Show gratitude for your home and all of the things that makes it special.

As you express and embody gratitude during the holidays, you can improve your "health, sleep, overall happiness and be inspired to be a little kinder to those around you.”

Bang Energy: Your Holiday Survival Friend

No matter where you are this holiday, there are tons of ways you can support your health and wellness as you travel and enjoy every day of this wonderful season. 

We are here for you every step of the way with everything from sustainable and sugar free energy to supportive immunity and health products.

Our team wishes you a happy holiday season and healthy travels!