Bang Energy® Shuts Down Illegal Car Wrap Scammers, Protects Consumers from Fraud

Bang Energy® Shuts Down Illegal Car Wrap Scammers, Protects Consumers from Fraud

New legal victory for Bang prohibits fraudulent use of brand logo, shuts down website used to attract victims with offers of money in exchange for installing false car wraps to advertise brand’s products

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla., Sept. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bang Energy®/VPX Sports, one of the top energy drink and sports supplement brands in the United States, has won a legal action against an undisclosed entity behind a fraudulent website that scammed the public for illegal financial gain. The August 2, 2022 administrative panel decision* by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) determined that the website was impersonating Bang Energy products, trademarks and logos for criminal activity, and operated in bad faith by using a proxy website service to shield identity and frustrate enforcement efforts. Since the decision, the website domain has been transferred to Bang Energy and shut down, which will make the car wrapping scam less likely to occur through this website. However, these criminals might try to ensnare the public into this scam through different websites and other means of communication. The illegal scam involved the development and registration of, a website (which is no longer active) that mimicked Bang Energy intellectual property and trademarks to trick consumers into transferring money in hopes of receiving weekly payments for advertising Bang Energy on their personal vehicles with car wrap materials.

“This legal win is a victory for hard working Americans who need their paychecks to support their families,” said Jack Owoc, Bang Energy’s Founder, CEO and CSO. “These scams have caused financial distress to people who trust the Bang Energy brand and recognize the quality of our products and popularity. When we first learned that this was happening, it seemed that the site should be shut down immediately. But these scams persist because scam artists find ways to mimic reputable brands and hide their real identity. We are proud to do our part to help protect Americans from criminal activity and we hope this information will help local and federal law enforcement agencies take stronger action against perpetrators.”

Bang Energy continues to warn consumers against false promotions and scams, including text, email and direct message offers. Messages such as “Get 500 Weekly Paid to Drive” are not part of Bang Energy program. The company does not conduct any “car wrap” advertising offers nor any promotions outside of the official company website,, and two social media handles, @BangEnergy and @BangEnergy.CEO. More information about the car wrapping scam can be found in the FAQ section of our website. According to independent news reports filed with the complaint, victims throughout the United States had been targets of the scam for several years without any means to recover their losses. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is aware of this ongoing “car wrap” scam and has details here ( If you receive any such car wrap communication, you may report it to the FBI here ( Bang Energy cannot reimburse the victims for any losses suffered from this scam since we have no relationship with these perpetrators.

WIPO Case No. D2022-1834

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