10 Ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Bang Energy Pollution Solution

How to reduce plastic pollution. Daunting topic to consider, isn’t it? Yes and no. The world’s mounting pollution problems probably seem so massive that one singular human life could not possibly affect its outcome. You might be saying to yourself, “How could I, or you, even begin to make an impact? I’m just one person up against global environmental pollution. There’s just no way.” 


By making better choices, realigning our lifestyle with Earth’s needs, and taking an active stance to make this a better world, we can each make a difference. Check out our list of ways to curb your own plastic usage starting at home. 

1. Cardboard please. Hold the plastic. 

At the grocery store, there are usually a plethora of packaging choices for all food types. When shopping for products, choose items that come in a cardboard box rather than a plastic bag. Paper products biodegrade more easily than plastic, so that box will be long gone before a plastic product would be.  

2. Aluminum trumps plastic any day. 

You’re at the store. Your thirst is driving your selection, but you’re torn as to which bottle, can, or pouch to pick. We’ll make it simple for you – aluminum, always! Aluminum can be recycled an unlimited number of times without degrading. The same can’t be said about other materials. Plastic bottle pollution is one of the biggest culprits in the global pollution problem. When looking for a solid option, choose amongst Bang Energy products packaged in aluminum cans including Bang Energy, VOOZ Hydration Sensation, and Meltdown. That’s just a no-brainer. 

Trash picker holding an eco friendly aluminum can of vooz hydration sports drink above a recycling bin

3. Replacement razor redo. 

Summer bod ready to go? Before you hit the beach with silky smooth skin, consider the effects your reusable plastic razor is having on the world around you. Made of plastic and meant to be thrown out like yesterday’s news, disposable razors can quickly add up to a giant plastic pile in a landfill. More environmentally friendly companies are popping up left and right, offering options where only the blade is replaced, thus minimizing your plastic output. Just slide a new razor head onto your handle, and your next IG-worthy bikini pic is one click away. 

4. Period-friendly products. 

Ladies, this one’s for you. How cool is it to have a unique, biologically specific pollution solution? Non-disposable menstrual product options are becoming increasingly more prominent on drugstore shelves. Cups, reusable pads, and specially constructed underwear are now new and exciting options available to combat the immense amount of waste that tampons and traditional pads generate. Consider a new option that fits your needs and do your part every month! 

5. Get the plastic off your face. 

Tiny scrubbing beads sound like a great facial innovation, in theory, but not so much for the Earth’s ocean pollution problems. Minuscule chunks of plastic, like those found in exfoliating face washes, are difficult for wastewater treatment facilities to filter out. Avoiding these products altogether avoids the possibility of them contributing to our pollution problems as they pass from your sink to water management and, eventually, into our oceans. Pro tip: skip any product that lists “polypropylene” or “polyethylene” as an ingredient. 

6. Enough with the bottled water already. 

Probably the most notorious of the plastic villains is the plastic water bottle. One and done is not a standard anyone should live by, especially when it comes to waste and conservation. A refillable bottle is the easiest way to be part of the solution. Not only are you warding off any plastic waste, but refillable bottles can be personalized, keep your water or drink hot/cold for longer, and have even been shown to help increase your daily fluid intake. That’s a win/win/win if you ask us. 

7. Disposable coffee cups be gone!

A newcomer to the lineup of how to reduce plastic pollution options is your neighborhood coffee shop. Some business owners are offering patrons the option to supply their own container (usually a Thermos – no buckets please) in lieu of a traditional Styrofoam, plastic, or plastic-lined cup. As one of the most commonly used containers by thousands of people daily, this could lead to a substantial change in our current situation if more people jumped on board. Be a leader, grab a thermos, and start your own trend. In any event, you might go viral and become a 24-hour celebrity while saving the planet! 

If you don’t want to carry a thermos with you everywhere, consider skipping the coffee shop all together and enjoy a Bang Keto Coffee instead. With all-natural ingredients and an amazing collection of flavors in 100% recycled aluminum, this delicious beverage is the smart option for your morning fuel! 

8. Make it a new kind of beach day.

Grab your sunblock and shades for a great way to reduce plastic pollution that can be both fun and functional! Beach cleanups are a perfect way to do your part by helping pick up left behind plastic found on many beaches across the country. Don’t know where to start? We got you. Bang Energy hosts a number of beach cleanups throughout the year. Follow along on Instagram at @BangEnergy or check out BangEnergy.com for more updates on the next event you can join in on! 

Check out some of the highlights from our previous cleanup efforts:

9. Food storage alternatives. 

Do away with plastic bags, wraps, and containers and set your sights on a more Pinterest-worthy contender – mason jars, reusable snack bags, and reusable container covers. Cute prints, recipes in layered formats, and more durable options are increasing in popularity as better alternatives to traditional food storage. Now you can create all the beautifully layered, aesthetically pleasing parfaits and salads currently pinned to your board. 

10. Shopping bags meet your smart cousin, the tote. 

At any given time, most grocery-shopping individuals have a rather large hoard of plastic bags stuffed under their sink or packed into a drawer. For what? Who knows? A smarter solution to that problem and the world’s plastic pollution problems is to invest in reusable totes. Many grocers sell their own or you can easily snag some from your fav retailer with fun prints and patterns. Saving the planet can be fashion-forward too! 

Stay tuned for our final blog in this eco-friendly series coming soon!