South Florida Bang Energy Fuel Team Open Call

South Florida Bang Energy Fuel Team Open Call

Calling all Bangsters – We’re hiring!

Tired of your boring 9-5 with nothing exciting to do all day but slap a keyboard and look forward to lunch? Then we’ve got just what you need – ENERGY!

As part of our efforts to expand and enhance our street marketing team, we’re hosting an open call to fill available positions on our South Florida Bang Energy Fuel Team! We’re looking for motivated, energetic, and excited individuals to represent our brand live and in person!

What does it take to be a Fuel Team member? ENERGY!

While on location at various local hot spots, campuses, events, and anywhere else that feeds off energy, Fuel Team members not only bring it, but they also bring product knowledge. With the scientific research, expertly crafted formulas, and a laundry list of benefits in each can, there’s plenty to be said. Fuel Team members not only act as the liaison between a consumer looking for a pick-me-up and the advantages of Bang Energy but they also get to do it while having one of the most unique and exhilarating jobs in the industry!

Why would you want to be a Fuel Team member? Why NOT?!

In addition to tons of perks including Bang Revolution apparel, monthly product hauls, and a sweet Bang Energy Jeep to tour the town in, joining the team is a great way to get your foot in the door of a rapidly expanding, worldwide company. Every day brings new faces and new places as the route never stays the same and the crowd is always diverse. Explore nearby cities, meet new people, and never have the same day twice all while getting paid to do it!

Why join the South Florida team? It’s the center of it all!

Our headquarters are located in Weston, FL. The Bang Energy marketing team operates out of this location so this means our South Florida Fuel Team is in the middle of the action! As an integral part of the marketing team, this branch of the Fuel Team serves not only as part of our overall marketing but also as content creators. Often featured in social media posts and photoshoots, you’ll have a chance to be seen by our over 1 million followers, appear in our over-the-top flavor release videos, or submit content of your own for use on our various social platforms!

For all you Bangsters looking to become part of our team, here’s everything you need to know:

  • When: Saturday, June 5th
  • Where: 20351 SHERIDAN ST. PEMBROKE PINES FL, 33332
  • Dress Code: Athletic Wear
  • Females: Shorts and Sports Bra
  • Males: Shorts and Shirt
  • TIME: 11:00am – 3:00pm
  • Please arrive at any time within this time frame as the open call is a one-by-one audition.