Quench your thirst with the latest in hydration.
Infused with electrolytes, vitamins, and ketones, VOOZ
provides the perfect boost to help replenish and revitalize.


Electrolytes help to rehydrate much faster than water alone.
That’s why every serving of VOOZ contains a balanced
combination of four key electrolytes we call Ketolytes™.

Thanks to our unique 4TH Fuel Technology, VOOZ helps keep
the body energized naturally with real ketones.

Take advantage of the productive properties found in zinc. As a
critical element to the scientific formulation of VOOZ, this mineral
is used to give your immune system some pep in its step.

HYDRATION in a can

We don't call it the Hydration Sensation™ for nothing. Powered by a scientific blend of electrolytes and ketones, VOOZ is designed for rapid and effective rehydration. Treat your thirst and hydrate your body all at once.


By pairing critical electrolytes with a strong blend of nutrients, VOOZ was designed to boost your immune system. Give your body the help it needs with a healthier beverage scientifically formulated for your best self.


Help take a stand against plastic pollution with VOOZ. Unlike most soft drinks and other sports performance beverages, VOOZ comes in an infinitely recyclable aluminum can, one of the world's most sustainable materials.


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You can't go wrong with any of our amazing flavors, but if you're not sure
where to start, try a variety pack.

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