My name is Jack Owoc, CEO and founder of Bang Energy, Vital Pharmaceuticals (VPX), Redline, and Meltdown Energy. In 1993, my elite team formed this dynasty through passion, energy, and enthusiasm. Today, we operate with the same principles we started with 29 years ago.

At the time, the industry was plagued by corrupt supplement companies. I was tired of the lies and deception. Consumers were being ripped off and I felt obligated to make a change.

My objective was clear from the beginning—to intentionally help as many people as possible. Our journey wasn’t easy, though. It started with a dream, a destiny, and an air mattress in the back of an old supplement store. Along the way, we earned millions of blessings in return.

Despite years of growth, our mission remains the same––to make the highest quality energy drinks and nutritional supplements on the market. And unlike competitors, we back our effort through scientific research. That’s why our family of companies operates with the same professional guidelines as a pharmaceutical company!

From Science Teacher to Serial Entrepreneur...

It All Started in the Classroom

While teaching six different subjects, I developed a strong discipline for promoting exercise and nutrition. I created whole-food eating strategies and custom training programs for men and women. With a protocol focused on science and supplementation, clients saw results leading to a peak physical form.

Success Followed by Confusion

I altered macro-nutrient profiles for each client. Most saw results right way, shaving an average of 4% body fat per month. Strangely, progress came to a halt when a select group stopped losing body fat.

Finding an X-Factor

I analyzed the situation to discover the root of the issue. With sound scientific principles, I identified a changed variable, which included a different egg protein supplement. At the time, this was the only protein supplement on the market, and it was regularly consumed twice per day.

A Shocking Discovery

Feeling uneasy, I sent the egg protein to a test lab. Results showed 90% of maltodextrin, along with some ash and moisture, and contained 0 protein. Essentially, this supplement did nothing but impede results.


My best friend came to me for supplement advice. As a professional basketball player, he needed something to help maintain peak physical condition, but he had limited options. Considering his allergies to milk protein, I sent him with a Med Sport Egg Protein.

Unfortunately, the results backfired.

My friend took his recommended dosage, but he suffered an allergic reaction that caused him to asphyxiate in the shower. After nearly suffocating, he was rescued and transported to the hospital.

I was enraged by the flaws within the supplement industry. The corruption was clear, and the irony was deceptive. After all, why would someone need medical support after using a product called Med Sport?


At this point, I knew it was best to expose the frauds in this space. First, we took to the media, which led one of the most deceitful companies to shut their doors for good.

Next, we shifted focus on research and development. Once the right data was collected, I assembled a team to create supplements with great efficacy and purity. With thorough, evidence-based science, a new line of sports and performance nutrition companies were born.

I may have been brought into the supplement industry out of frustration, but my vision was always brighter. We aim to create supplements with the power to positively impact lives and radically improve health. Whether it’s VPX, Bang, Meltdown, or Redline, we’re in the lab non-stop, working to improve the quality of our products.


Surprisingly, mainstream supplements aren’t much better than they were in 1993.

A lot of companies offer pre-workout “concentrates," a product that destroys muscles. Despite lingering side effects, many health food providers and online stores are still pushing concentrates to make a profit. While you lose money and muscle definition, they take advantage of your misfortune.

And it's not just the small companies who are trying to rip you off.

After testing several products from other protein manufacturers, many scams revealed that several ready-to-drink beverages contain 32% less protein than what their labels show. Unlike many of our competitors, though, our products offer a high value of protein per serving.

Bang Energy Ingredients Backed by Science

To ensure customer satisfaction, Bang Energy works relentlessly to deliver its intended design.

Our products are made with the finest materials. We test efficacy in a state-of-the-art laboratory and analyze all ingredients in a quality control center. Each item undergoes multiple tests, including:

  • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to confirm each ingredient’s identity and purity level
  • Infrared spectroscopy (IR) to verify the physical characteristics of all compounds

Ingredients may be released for manufacturing once all test results meet specifications and we have the supplier’s certificate of analysis.

The Front Runner in Sports Nutrition

All our products get tested in some of the best university-proven studies. After formulating a solution, we screen each product through a double-blind, placebo-controlled assessment.

Unlike competitors, we don’t engage in unethical and deceptive advertising. We refuse to put outrageous claims on our products. Our business is built on honesty and transparency, so it’s important to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting from each brand.

Every item is mentioned on our labels and disclaimers––every ingredient, every compound, every detail.

“We thrive on being disruptive, divergent, and decisive. We are disciplined to do things differently and we have the answers to things that are not yet problems.” - Jack Owoc

Bang Energy Takes the Sports Drink World By Storm

It didn't take long for us to expand into the ready-to-drink beverage market. Our flagship energy drink brands (Bang, Redline, and Meltdown) offer specific functions designed help boost mental and physical performance. Most recently, we launched VOOZ Hydration Sensation, a refreshing sports hydration drink with electrolytes and immune-boosting properties.

All operations are facilitated in a state-of-the-art, 102,000 square-foot facility. This brand-new fulfillment center is home to production, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing.

Today, our products are available in all 50 states and 37 countries worldwide. Find any of our amazing sports supplements and performance beverages at your favorite retail outlets.