Bang Frosted Protein Shaker


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Shaken, stirred, over water, over milk – the options are endless. The Bang frosted shaker is your protein pump solution! With an innovative new twist on the traditional shaker ball, you’re sure to get evenly distributed powder and liquid combination. No more clumps. Just silkysmooth protein.  

  • Total capacity 28 oz 
  • Cup and whisk mixer in one 
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Product Description

Get Your Protein Gainz in with the Bang Frosted Protein Shaker

Protein is the name of the game. Making sure you get enough of it is the key to seeing real results after your hard work sweating it out in the gym. But how? We can help you out there.  

Your first go-to protein source should be a well-balanced, healthy diet. Chicken, steak, and other animal meat options come to mind first and foremost, but protein can be found all across the board. Fruits, veggies, and grains also contain the macronutrient in varying amounts. The important part is to know how much your body needs and where to best get it. 

 At times it may be difficult to get enough protein from diet alone. Depending on your fitness goals, it may require your intake to increase. With your schedule, digestion, and lifestyle playing a role in how your diet gets executed, you may need to supplement with extra protein if your food intake alone doesn’t allow you to reach your recommended daily amount. Enter the Bang frosted protein shaker… 

Traditional shakers have always included a small whisk mixing ball. As the liquid and powder are mixed together with each shake of the cup, they are supposed to blend. That’s not always the case. Unfortunately, that leaves you with clumpy, bumpy, puff of protein in your cup. Not pleasant. The Bang frosted protein shaker though includes a different type of mixer. A longer, more cylindrical shape helps to evenly break up the powder. The result is smooth and delicious.  

Get your hands on the Bang frosted shaker and take on protein like never before! 

Product Details
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 10 in

Pink (Frose Rose), Teal (Miami Cola), Blue (Birthday Cake Bash)