Men's Marlin Hunter Fishing Shirt


For the extreme angler, check out our new long sleeve, fishing shirt. This breathable, high performance Bang Tarpon Hunter Fishing Shirt is great for any outdoor activity to keep you cool, dry, and provide that extra UV protection you need when the sun just keeps on shining. Set the hook and don’t let this one get away! 

  • 100% polyester 
  • Moisture wicking material  

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Product Description

Fishing Apparel Every Guy Needs – The Bang Tarpon Hunter Fishing Shirt 

It’s a beautifully sunny, early Saturday morning. The clouds have parted and the ground is dry without a drop of rain in sight. The boat is hooked up to the trailer, your buddies are piled into the truck ready to go, and there’s enough icy cold Bang energy stocked in the cooler to get you through a full day of fun. But then, you realize your attire isn’t as ready as you are. Jeans and a t-shirt aren’t going to cut it on the boat. What now? Bang tarpon hunter fishing shirt, that’s what! 

Fishing is a patience game. There’s no rushing the fish to take your bait so the general mood of a fishing trip is one of relaxation and ease as you wait it out for a bite on your line. For a full day out on the boat and under the sun, your clothes will determine if that’s spent feeling great or feeling like you’re wearing a wet rag. Look no more, our Bang tarpon hunter fishing shirt is your best bet when it comes to comfort and style.  

Made of moisture wicking material, our fishing shirt will keep the sweat and sea water from hanging on to you all day. When those tarpon, bass, and marlin decide to thrash around and make you work for it, the resulting splashes won’t become part of your clothing for the rest of the day with our Bang fishing shirt.   

In addition to wicking away moisture, this piece of Bang apparel offers protection from the most intense and potentially dangerous element that comes along with fishing – unrelenting sunshine. As you spend hours upon hours out on the sea, the sun can be brutal. Sun block lotion can come off with sweatcan be uncomfortable to wear, and if not reapplied it can be useless. Our long sleeve fishing shirt provides the coverage from the sun your skin needs to ensure the day after your excursion isn’t a day spent burning in pain.  

Product Details
Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

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Color Splash


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