Bang® Sweet Tea Variety — 12-pack


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  • NO sugar
  • 300 mg of caffeine
  • EAAs
  • CoQ10
  • Zero calories
  • Gluten-free


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Product Description

Bang® Sweet Tea energy drink is not your typical sugar-filled iced tea that you sip on the porch with grandma as she shakes her fist and yells obscenities at passers-by who dare to venture too close to her beloved azaleas. In addition to being better tasting than grandma’s sugar swill, Bang® Sweet Tea energy drink is fuel for your body and soul, providing you with sustained energy, mental focus and the physical prowess you need to get through whatever the day throws at you. 

Every 16-ounce can of Bang® Sweet Tea contains 300 milligrams of caffeine and is sugar-free with ZERO calories. 

Bang® Sweet Teas also contain other ingredients designed to help you get more out of your workout, your day, and your life… OK, that last one may be a little much, but Bang® generates that kind of enthusiasm! 

So, why waste time with other, dubious products? Get more Bang® for your buck by ordering a sweet tea 12-pack today! You can find all the flavors we offer by clicking HERE.


Serving Size 1 can



Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not consume this product if you are taking any prescription drug and/or have any medical condition. The user of this product assumes all liability if this product is used in a manner not consistent with label guidelines. This product contains caffeine and should not be used with any other caffeine-containing products. This product is intended for use by healthy individuals only. 

Too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and, occasionally, rapid heartbeat. Not recommended for use by children under 18 years of age. One serving of Bang® Sweet Tea provides 300 mg of caffeine, which is more than two cups of coffee.

Disclosure: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Product Details
Weight 210 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in
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Georgia Peach Sweet Tea, Lemon Drop Sweet Tea, Sweet Ice Tea

8 reviews for Bang® Sweet Tea Variety — 12-pack

  1. Carol Carwile

    These are the Greatest Bang Flavors. I discovered them in Sparta Kentucky. The problem is you can not find them anywhere in Phoenix area. I live in Sun City West and only QT sells one flavor and now they tell me they are being discontinued. I was raised on sweet tea as my parents are from Georgia and Louisiana. Please tell me where I can buy them.


  2. Kiran


  3. Justin Tucker

    I gave up energy drinks for a long time because they just didnt do anything for me. When I seen bang for the first time I was amazed. So, Thank You.

  4. Jareds76 (verified owner)

    This being an energy drink does not take away from the great sweet tea flavor

  5. Chelci

    My favorite drink is the Georgia Peach tea! It’s so hard to find this flavor of bang.

  6. Brianna

    I absolutely love the Bang Energy Teas. They are my favorite energy drink… well, besides coffee. It’s just sad that it’s so hard to find them in stores or I’d buy them more often!!

  7. Jessicalane416 (verified owner)

    The peach and lemon drop sweet tea are the best drinks ever! Love that they aren’t carbonated so you don’t have to have a hurt stomach to get some energy! Have to order them from here because they can’t keep them on the shelves anywhere in Memphis!

  8. Aaron

    My favorite flavors of bang but I thought they didn’t make them for a long time because no stores sell them anymore. Recommended for anyone who doesn’t like carbonation.

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