Meltdown Energy — Rainbow Unicorn — 12 Pack (12oz)

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  • Increased Energy  
  • Metabolism Boost  
  • Immune Support 
  • 4th Fuel Technology  
  • Electrolyte Complex  
  • 1,250 mg Real D-Ketones 
  • ZERO Sugar, ZERO Artificial Colors or Flavors, and ZERO Carbs! 

Product Description

The visionaries at Bang Energy are excited to bring you a NEW multi-functional innovation so revolutionary that it creates an entirely new class of beverages. This energy-enhancing and metabolism-boosting beverage is jam-packed with four critical electrolytes to make you perform and feel great. 

Meltdown Energy is your new fun, functional, and fabulous energy drink! It’s a healthy option that fits your active lifestyle! Meltdown Energy is powered by ketones known as 4th Fuel™ Technology, a super hydrating electrolyte complex, caffeine, and all the benefits of vitamins and zinc for immune support. This highly advanced “feel good” formula is designed for fitness enthusiasts, gamers, entrepreneurs, musicians, moms, and anyone who wants to level up with the ALL-NEW multi-functional Meltdown Energy. 

“We are serious about delivering, ‘Innovation that Exceeds all Expectation!™’ I personally guarantee our NEW Meltdown Energy flavor technology is so refreshingly delicious it will blow your mind.” — Jack Owoc 


Product Details
Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in
Pick A Flavor

Rainbow Unicorn

4 reviews for Meltdown Energy — Rainbow Unicorn — 12 Pack (12oz)

  1. Chavel

    Amazing 😍😍😘😍
    Powerful than

  2. Chavel


  3. Eramis

    Great taste like a slightly salted bubble yum. No jitters, 1st time user and great feeling over all. Elevated energy throughout the day.

  4. Daylee Griffin (verified owner)

    I’ve always loved bangs ever since I had them before a tennis match. I don’t know if these do anything extra than regular bangs but the Rainbow Unicorn flavor is as good as ever!!!

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