Muscle Blaster Stack


Bang® Master Blaster® Pre-Workout

Zero Carb® Pristine Protein®

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  • Add muscle
  • Stay focused in the gym
  • Burn fat
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Product Description

If you’re looking for a no-frills stack that builds muscle faster, you gotta try Muscle Blaster. Brought to you by the legendary Bang Energy team, this stack of potent products will have you outrunning a speeding bullet and leaping tall buildings in a single bound in no time!

Pre-Workout: Bang® Master Blaster® (regular or caffeine-free)

Bang® Master Blaster® is a fully dosed pre-workout, with 26.5 grams of active ingredients per scoop. Unlike other pre-workouts, Bang® Master Blaster® is university-proven to build lean muscle mass and improve strength after four weeks.

A recent study found that subjects using Bang® Master Blaster® showed a:

  • 9-pound increase in lean mass.
  • 5-pound improvement in the bench press.
  • 5-pound increase in the squat.

Post-Workout: Zero Carb® Pristine Protein®

Our new Zero Carb® Pristine Protein® contains 20 grams of super-clean whey protein isolate per scoop, making it the perfect post-workout treat. But the best part about Pristine Protein® is that it’s all natural — nothing artificial.

  • Zero Carb® Pristine Protein® is gluten-free with ZERO fat, ZERO carbs and ZERO sugar.
  • Zero Carb® Pristine Protein® is available in 4 Flavors: Serious Chocolate, Vanilla Dream, S’mores and Birthday Cake Bash®.
Product Details

Bang® Master Blaster® Pre-Workout

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 6 × 12 × 6 in
Pick A Flavor

Birthday Cake Bash, Blue Razz, Chocolate, Cotton Candy, Frose Rose, Lemon Drop, Power Punch, Rainbow Unicorn, Sour Heads, Star Blast

Zero Carb® Pristine Protein®

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Pick A Flavor

Birthday Cake Bash, S'mores, Serious Chocolate, Vanilla Dream


2 lb, 4.4 lb


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