Redline Cognitive Candy Energy Drink — Choose Your Flavor — 12 Pack (8oz)

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  • Caffeine
  • Betaine Anhydrous
  • Super Creatine®
  • Aquacrine™

Product Description

Redline Cognitive Candy is the next generation of Redline pre-workouts that is more potent than its predecessors. This new formula is based on the original Redline Xtreme formula, which researchers discovered resulted in a 7.5 percent improvement in reaction time, a dramatic 13 percent increase in energy, and an amazing 15 percent increase in focus!  

Redline Cognitive Candy is stronger than the original Redline and Redline Extreme thanks to the addition of several key ingredients designed to support focus, energy, performance, and reaction time.   

Redline Cognitive Candy is packed with powerful ingredients like betaine anhydrous, alpha GPC, Super Creatine, caffeine, and yohimbe that work synergistically to produce what Jack Owoc calls, “The Entourage Effect™.” 


Redline® Cognitive Candy™ — 12 Pack

Product Details
Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Pick A Flavor

Candy Apple Crisp, Cotton Candy, Frose Rose, Peach Mango, Purple Kiddles™, Radical Skadattle, Rainbow Unicorn, Star Blast, Triple Berry, Watermelon

6 reviews for Redline Cognitive Candy Energy Drink — Choose Your Flavor — 12 Pack (8oz)

  1. Matt

    I’m an army ranger and my wife is a nurse and we both swear by these hood product VPX!!!

  2. Jenn Storing

    I had my first Redline Cognitive Candy today and it was awesome! If your a stimulant junky like me, you definitely have to try these.

  3. Daniel Rivera

    i just had a redline noo fusion that the bang girls dropped off at the gym for a promo. its legit just as strong as bang but less liquid i want to get cases now! sign me up vpx

  4. Florian Bossu

    i like bang enegy

  5. Mauricio.gonzalez

    My focus is on a new level! Love it

  6. Connie

    Best energy drink I have ever tried. They are great

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