Redline® Protein


Redline® Protein is 100% whey protein concentrate that is instantized, so it mixes with water or milk in mere seconds! Redline Protein contains NO artificial colors, GMOs, gluten, added sugar or soy protein.


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Product Description

Redline® Protein can be used as a meal supplement or as a pre- or post-workout drink.

Redline Protein is 100% whey protein concentrate that mixes easily with water or milk in a matter of seconds! Redline protein contains NO artificial colors, GMO’s, gluten, added sugar or soy protein.

In many ways, whey protein concentrate is superior to whey protein isolate. This is because whey protein concentrate preserves the full integrity of the protein’s naturally occurring IGH-1, IGF, CCK and other important micro-fractions. Furthermore, whey isolate processing removes fat, whereas whey concentrate does not.

Maintaining whey protein concentrate’s integrity helps users build and repair muscle, reduce body fat, improve immune health and promote recovery from exercise along with many other health benefits.

Why Use Redline® Protein?

VPX, manufacturer of Redline®, is the leading innovator in trendsetting muscle science, bodybuilding, performance enhancement and body recomposition. To date, VPX products are backed by research from over two dozen double-blind, placebo-controlled, gold-standard university studies at UCLA, Baylor, Florida State, Memphis and many other prestigious universities.

A powerful strategy to build muscle and a super-effective way to lose body fat is to utilize a high-protein diet (with moderate carbohydrate and fat intake). This is due to three primary factors:

  • Protein causes the body to release a hormone called glucagon which frees up stored fat to be used as energy.
  • Protein helps build lean muscle, which raises your metabolic rate. More muscle equals more fat-burning ability.
  • The digestion of protein has a “thermic effect.” In other words, your body expends energy to digest protein, in turn increasing metabolism.

Who Can Benefit From Redline® Protein?

  • Competitive athletes in all sports
  • Bodybuilders / fitness competitors / strength athletes
  • Active men & women
  • Weekend warriors & all fitness enthusiasts
  • Endurance & cross training athletes
Product Details
Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 12 × 1 × 1 in
Pick A Flavor

Chocolate, Vanilla


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