Shotgun® 5X™

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  • Boosts strength
  • Greater endurance
  • Increased DNA production
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Product Description

In the world of pre-workout powders and drinks, many manufacturers seem to believe that outrageous claims are the ultimate standard of effectiveness — the more over-the-top and ridiculous, the better.

I mean, what screams “superior product” louder than a skull-and-crossbones or promises of a near-death experience (usually the result of the product’s taste, not its superior ingredients, by the way)? Worse, most of these “elixirs from the Gods” are nothing more than cheap stimulants, designed to make you think you’re swole, but doing little to make it a reality

Shotgun® 5X™ is different.

Yeah, we could talk about how Shotgun® 5X™ produces skin-bursting pumps, phenomenal fat-burning and mindbending muscle growth, but we’d rather just present facts — like those contained in a 2009 study conducted by folks with multiple degrees (as opposed to multiple “Beast Mode” tattoos) concluding that 28 days of resistance training, coupled with Shotgun®, had “no negative effects on the clinical safety markers assessed, while effectively increasing muscle strength and mass, myofibrillar protein content, and stimulating increases in myogenic markers indicative of satellite cell activation.”

This included a(n):

  • 82% increase in bench-press strength.
  • 40% increase in leg-press strength.
  • 39% increase in myofibrillar protein.
  • 42% increase in HGF (human growth factor) levels.
  • 91% increase in MyoD (a protein that plays a major role in regulating muscle differentiation).
  • 75% increase in DNA content.

So, if you’re looking for results instead of propaganda, pick up some Shotgun® 5X™ today!


Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not consume this product if you are taking any prescription drug and/or have any medical condition. The user of this product assumes all liability if this product is used in a manner not consistent with label guidelines. This product is intended for use by healthy individuals only.

Disclosure: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Details
Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 6.75 in
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Cotton Candy, Exotic Fruit, Mango Bango, Purple Haze, Sour Heads, Watermelon, Wild Grape

University Studies


    1. Effects of 28 days of resistance exercise and consuming a commercially available pre-workout supplement, NO-Shotgun®, on body composition, muscle strength and mass, markers of satellite cell activation, and clinical safety markers in males
    2. The effects of six weeks of supplementation with multi-ingredient performance supplements and resistance training on anabolic hormones, body composition, strength, and power in resistance-trained men

5 reviews for Shotgun® 5X™

  1. gary mcguinness

    This is by far the greatest pre workout ever created. Nothing compares to it. NOTHING. Not your head rush pre or tingles all over your face..not a pre designed to just get you through a workout.. But an actual muscle building pre-workout that is fast and effective. This should be used in cycles and give it 8-12 weeks to see the difference in body composition.. Strength and lean muscle. Shotgun should be top of everybodys supplement stack. No 2-3scoops to try get a “buzz” stick to the run of the mill pre – w for that… If you want to build.. Cut.. And get real results… You have found the key right here. I wasn’t paid for this review or a vpx employee. I’m a genuine fan.. User.. And have gained dramatically over the years on this


  2. Balbino Grilo Marco Antonio

    I’ve only used VPX NO-SHOTGUN,that is very similar to this product and it’s simply the best pre-workout of the market.Great resulta.Mr.Owoc is brilliant and courageous.

  3. Ramon smith

    Love this product!!

  4. Howard Imanuel (verified owner)

    Former competitive bodybuilder…long-time workout warrior…this is the best pre workout formula ever!!!

  5. John York

    Greatest preworkout EVER!!

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